Malawi FW I in Dedza

Malawi FW I in Dedza

Malawi FW I in Dedza

God is so amazing and things have been going so well with the team! We spent our first 8 days at Benga. It was so great. We built a swing set for the rescue unit. It was so cool to be able to show the children how to use the swings, slide, monkey bars. It’s gonna be used so much by God to bring more children to the unit. The foot washing was great; we washed 207 childrens feet and gave them shoes. It’s so cool to watch God in it all. We just left Mangochi. We did not know what to expect there, but God is way bigger then anything. We started a fence there to go around the property but did not get it finished due to lack of supplies. BUT our footwashing and evangalizing was way beyond our control. Our second day we started EV and some of the kids came in to the kitchen yelling come quick there are like 50 people who came forward in the altar call. Now may I remind you we were in the Yao territory. When all was said and done God received into His kingdom that day 147 new children and adults. It was beyond anything someone could explain. One person would have made it all worth it but this was amazing. The next two evenings we still had more coming forward. Over 200 total excepted Jesus in their hearts within 3 days.

We are so excited things have been going well thank you Jesus. Our health is good other then some minor colds. The weather is comfortable. Our team is a team very close and strong. It’s been so cool to see God working in each of our lives.

We are on our way to Dedza now, our last village before returning for Debrief. Thank you all for your prayers and support we can definitely feel them!!



  1. Hannah's Mom & Dad(Jill & Don Decker)

    What an incredible summer!! It’s all because of the prayers of family & friends preparing the way. Thank you Teen Missions parents! To Hannah, Mom will be there Wed. ready to hug you & meet your team mates & hear of your exploits!!!

  2. Praise the Lord.! I was blessed to go to boot camp and stay the 24th and 25th of June to help my daughter,Selah prepare to interpret for Drake Darrah. I was blessed to observe the team leaders, and all of the teens. I listened to their testimonies and I was so touched by their devotion to Christ. I know after this summer it will be even deeper. What a challenge it will be for all of us to be more fervent in our love for Christ! Praise be to God!! Lord, please continue to protect and use them, our precious children, and even moreso your precious children! In Jesus’ name AMEN

  3. Curtis Morgan (Chris' Dad)

    What an amazing thing God has done with this team. 200 plus salvations in three days? I don’t think I have personally seen 200 salvations in the many years I have been in a local church. These kids are going to be on fire when they return. I hope our churches are ready for them. Praise God!!

    Alice: This is a report for Malawi Team 10015 according to the web link address.

  4. Friends of Eve and John

    ALice: Malawi Footwashing 10015 is Footwashing 1 :))

    And We’re glad to hear that our friends are having an blessed time! Can’t wait till you come back and we finally get to see your excited faces! God Bless and stay safe!!

  5. Alice (Sherrell) Cox

    This is not a report of Malawi Footwashing 10015, is it? But rather a report from Malawi Footwashing 1…a different team, I think. Somebody tell me if I’m right or wrong here.

  6. Denise (Erika's mom)

    What a blessing to hear that more people will be in heaven prasing the Lord. I am so excited too, can’t wait to hear all the stories they will have to tell when they are back… s few more days…

  7. Kim (Becky's mom)

    Rod and Donna you are so right, God is good, all the time. At the commissioning service you could see how close the team has become. I pray the team members continue to stay in contact for years to come and I’m looking forward to all the details of their experiences and how God has worked in each of their lives.

  8. Rod and Donna Frey

    God is good, all the time, God is good!!!!! We, too, can hardly wait to hear all of the stories! Spiritual awakening and a relativley healthy team to boot! Wow…blessings for a marvelous last week and safe travels back to FL!!!

  9. Sara (Drake's Mom)

    Praise the Lord!

  10. How exciting to see how God is working through each and every one of you!!

  11. Jenifer Williams (Lauriana's mom)

    What a lovely report, thanks for sharing! It was not what anyone would have expected from Mamgochi. I can hardly wait for details.

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