Russia Sports visits Ekaterinburg

Russia Sports visits Ekaterinburg

Russia Sports visits Ekaterinburg

On Wednesday, the teams (the American and the Russian) were invited by the mayor to the village soccer/volleyball field to play volleyball with some of the locals. Although they played (and lost) 5 or 6 games, fun was had by all. We have found that it is a great witnessing tool. By making friends with the people in the village, they seem to be much more interested in watching the presentation of music, puppets and drama where they share about the Lord.

The American Team had a great day of sightseeing in Ekaterinburg on Thursday. Our small bus came to the base at 6:00 a.m. for us to begin our four-hour ride to the big city. Our first stop was at the very ornate church building built at the site where they say Czar Nicholas II and his family (his wife and 5 children) were killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

After visiting the church, we loaded back on the bus and drove a few minutes to the street vendors selling souvenirs of all types. Everyone had a chance to buy Russian things to take home as their remembrances of a great summer. Then we headed to the Europe/Asia Border to take pictures with one foot on each continent.

After playing around on two continents at the same time, we drove to the mall where some of us enjoyed McDonald’s, some Kentucky Fried Chicken, and some pizza. The team strolled the mall and tasted various different treats throughout our stay…ice cream, cheesecake, fresh fruit. We returned back to the property around 9:00 p.m. We had a late dinner at home, did a Bible memory quiz, had our evening devotions and then went to bed. It was a wonderful day for all. We are so thankful that the Lord watched over us during our travels and provided us with beautiful weather, too



  1. valentin Vorobyov

    I went to ukriane in (with tmi) 2004 , i was 14, the best experience ever! i incourage any one to go. It will Blow your mind away in the amazing Things God can do! I loved every minute of it. Having God use me for his Will. Becoming a Blessing and being blessing those around you.


  2. Rod and Donna Frey

    So excited to hear all that the Lord is doing there…can’t help but have an infinity for Josiah’s other parents! We’ve been following your updates as well! Many prayers being offered up for you all…

  3. It is so exciting to hear how things are going there. I am happy you got to have such an enjoyable time on your siteseeing day- I was sad when I missed seeing the church! I will be praying for the rest of your stay. Keep up the good work; you never know just how much of an impact you are making. Love to Steve, Gay, Faith and Timothy.

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