China hosts Campers

China hosts Campers

China hosts Campers

The China Camp team has had another busy week. An even busier week is planned for this week, our last week here.

Most of the work projects have been completed, including painting, graveling the pathway to the pond and general clean-up. We now have fish in the pond. Sod is surrounding the pond and there is a big difference in this place from when we arrived until now. We are praying for some rain (at night) to keep the sod alive. So far, it has only sprinkled one night. The weather has been very hot (up to the low 100’s) for a couple of days. Yesterday, it was cloudy cooled off significantly. We are thankful!

In addition to working last week, we took Friday off to tour the different Evergreen facilities in this area of China. It was very interesting to hear about the history and mission of Evergreen. We also met a lot of their staff, from China, Australia and the US. It was a blessing for all of us!

We spent Saturday moving into the rooms that we are to occupy this week during camp. There was a massive clean-up in preparation and some orientation classes.

Sunday morning, we slept in for an extra half-hour (6 AM). We had library reading, breakfast, devotions and verse review before we had our Sunday service here at the camp. Greg (our missionary) and his wife shared and we had some singing and prayer. After lunch, we changed into our camp shirts and eagerly awaited the arrival of the campers. The China team is now composed of teachers and counselors.

We have 22 campers ranging in age from 7 1/2 to 22. The team is really enjoying spending time with them. They had a “midnight” hike last night (started at 8:30 and they were back by 10:30). They are going rafting and mountain biking today along with teaching classes in English and playing games with them.

We are having a “variety” at mealtimes with the choice of Chinese or American. Very few Chinese have been willing to try our food, but that number is increasing. Our team LOVES the Chinese food.



  1. Please tell Alisha that we received the letter and bracelet she sent. I hope she received the mail we sent her. Thanks! And give her a big hug too!!

  2. Your team’s dedication and hard work are inspiring! I hope camp is going well. I think I see Alisha in the photo (short blond hair). I miss her so much!!

  3. Rod and Donna Frey

    YEAH!! We are just itching to hear all of the wonderful stories!! Thanks for the updates!

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