Greetings from Indiana!

Greetings from Indiana!

Greetings from Indiana!

Greetings from Indiana! The Indiana Team has seen more decisions for Christ this week at the Edwards County Fair and Pike County Fair. This has been a good example of the power of God to draw people to Himself. These fairs are small, compared to others, and there are fewer people to talk to. But the team has persisted in reaching out to get people to take surveys and then engage the people in listening to the plan of salvation.

On Thursday the two groups each drove about an hour to the fairs, and instead of each of them working as an individual, the leaders encouraged them to be in “twos” to work as teams to share and pray as they were witnessing to people. It seemed to help the team members’ attitudes as well as being a productive way to get the surveys and sharing accomplished. There were a total of 5 decisions on Thursday evening.

Because the team works until late at night they wake up at 7:30 am. We are trying to get them to have 8 hours of sleep each night, which we also see is helping to get over colds and coughs that some team members have had.

Friday morning we had our Bible Study and classes in the morning, as usual, and preparation for the evening ministry. The Director of Teen Missions sent another staff member to work with us, who arrived in the afternoon. His name is Blair Hames. He introduced himself to the team and had a talk with them before the team split up and went to the fairs. At the smallest fair, Pike County, the team members gave away 50 Bible packets, did 31 surveys, and led three people to the Lord. It was an exciting evening for them. The team at Edwards did well also, but opportunities were fewer. Three people prayed to receive Christ at that fair as well. People at these fairs who were there with their own booth and saw the groups each evening were very grateful for their good influence and officials even invited TTT to come back again next year.

Saturday is a day when we have some game time just for the team to play and have fun. We also spent time working on EV presentations for the evening rally and Sunday evening service at a local church, cleaned up the large hall where we have classes and meals, etc. to prepare for the evening rally of local kids who come to TTT. Verses were also reviewed. It is nice to have a more relaxed day with a more flexible schedule. Every day, certain classes or activities take place, like library reading for 30 min., Bible study, group devotions led by a team member, and a new memory verse is learned each day. Classes for girls and guys separately, which are held every other day are very good times of sharing and asking questions about critical issues in our lives.

The evening rally was good, though there were more Teen Missions team members than local kids. They put on two presentations involving singing, puppets and drama which were effective. The message about the Pocket Bible League was good, and everyone enjoyed it. Most team members took a pocket-sized Bible to go home with and give to someone who needs Jesus. Good fellowship time was had by all afterwards.

Sunday morning we had our own church service out under the trees here at the property and Blair shared from God’s Word. At the end, a leader prayed personally for each team member. The rest of the day was spent in memory verse review. In the evening the team traveled 85 miles to a church to minister with the youth group and others who were invited from that area.


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