Greetings from Zambia Drill

Greetings from Zambia Drill

Greetings from Zambia Drill

Greetings from Zambia,

I think we left off with moving to another location which was Mumena. When we arrived there were children everywhere. We were setting up camp. When the tents were set up and the kitchen set up and ready to cook. The team had library reading. As they were inside the small shelter there were children’s faces surround them as they looked on. As it was getting later the facilitators had to tell the children it is time to go home now.

The next morning children come for preschool but instead of the normal classes, the team was able to teach them drill. There were so many that they had to be divided into 3 groups. The small ones, the medium ones and the older kids. It was a different group of children to train than at Lunsala. There were children that were a little troublesome but they managed to keep up with it all. After lunch the team was able to teach not only the ones from the morning but also those that came for the first time. Again they were divided into groups.At the end of each drill practice the team always has a short EV program. They sing songs they give a testimony they do puppets and always an invitation is given. There were some 100 decisions that were made while the team was there for about 4 days. The team always loved the time after the presentation when the children would sing songs for the team. The team was also trying to learn some of these songs. It is difficult to describe how secail the singing of the children is here but we look forward to their singing.

Water is a little different here at this unit. In order to get good cooking water and water to filter the team goes morning, noon and at night to a well across the street and carry 5 gallon buckets back for the kitchen to use. There is a well at the unit but it is only goodfor bathing, laundry. Most of the girls have been able to carry a bucket of water on their head at sometime during their stay in Africa but sometimes more water lands on you than makes it to the kitchen.

Our last day at Mumena was Sunday School day. Children walk about 12 kilometers to attend the Sunday School. It t usually starts with the Bible lesson, memory verse, invitation and then it is time for phonics. The team had training in phoics so they were able to teach the children. Again, they were divided into 3 different groups. All were eager to learn as for some this would be the only schooling that they would receive. The faciliators also have classes for the local people that might be interested in learning how to teach Sunday School. I think the team enjoyed visitng another unit and now know that every place we go will not be the same as their are different children at each unit. But praise the Lord for the children that gave their hearts to the Lord.

So after Sunday School at Mumena we had the truck loaded and ready to go to our 3rd location which is Solwezi. This unit isn’t as close the road as the other two units. It is near a dam and there is a cabin that is built out near the water. At this unit they hold a Boot Camp for all the orphans in the area so there is a large kitchen and then a big rally room, and a storage room. There are 3 orphan boys that stay to help with security. The faciliators here ahve a house and they have 3 girls that are staying with them. It has a gbig open field and perfect for drill training. As we drove into the unit around 4 we were met by many children as they had been told that visitors would be coming to the unit. The team was able to greet the children but we then had to set up camp. The tent site was behind the facailtoors house. They had prepared a hut for us to meet in with some benches to sit on. We had a storage room for the kitchen things as it was not advisable to have the kitchen in th truck as we had done in the past. We had evening devotions together and then we were blessed with mattresses that the faciliator allowed us to use. All were looking forward to a great night of rest on the mattresses.

The next morning we again began our drill training. This time there were only 2 groups. Each time the team does drill practice they do a short presentation of what drill is and then proceed to teach the children. These children seems to catch on very quickly and what usually took about 4 days to teach they were abletoteach on the movements in one day and the team was wodering what they would teach tomorrow. At the presentations in the morning and afternoon there were 125 children that gave their hearts to the Lord. Dinner and evening devotions with Makuka sharing, she and her husband are the faciliators at this unit. She shared about the ministry here and also when she was single started the first Matron’s unit so she shared about here time doing that. She shared about some of the difficulties the orphans face. 2 sister were at home and the mother had prepared beans but had not made he Shema (their main food) She left the 2 sisters for a bit but the children were hungry so they started to eat the beans. The mother was angry when she came home that she stuck the 4 year old’s hand in the boiling water and the sister to teach them not to eat the food again. Another girl had some greens while the mother went to see a neighbor and the girl ate the greens the mother was so mad that she too a knife and started cutting the girls fingers off. Neighbors heard the screams of the girl and was able to get the girl away from the mother she was taken to the hospital and then the social services brought the girl to the unit because there was no other place to take them and Solwezi does not have any child homes for them to go. There was another lady that came with an eye problem, her eyeball is about as big as an orange she was able to have some transport to go to a doctor but she has been without medicine for a month and here eye is getting worse. She had been putting powder on as she thought this would help. These are just a few past stories that they shared of the needs for them and the only one that seems to be able to give any kind of help is what Teen Missions is giving. Though the stories were hard to hear it certainly makes all of us to be thankful for what God has blessed us with.

After devotions we all headed back to our tents. But around 8:00 p.m. there was a distrubance. There were 2 thieves that came to the facilitator’s house and beat them and were wanting money. They came out to our tents and were trying to get money from Kathy the leader. Kathy was able to yell for help and Nelson was able to scare them away with his torch. Three of our staff were able to go to the police station and bring back some police. Due to this situtaiton we were able to contact the Zambia coordinator and he was able to contact our director and it was decided the team should leave, so we packed our bags and loaded up the truck and headed back to the base. The police stayed with us until we were all finished packing. We then had to go to the police station to file a report. We were traveling with a Zambia staff that had another truck and his truck was giving problems. We didn’t arrive until 7:00 in the morning at the base. We are thankful for God’s protection. We are grateful for those prayers that say “keep them safe”. Saturday morning is when we arrived back at the base. AS not many were able to get any sleep we took some time to rest a bit, clean up and then had some of our classes.

Sunday morning we were able to attend a church here in town. In fact it is church that Nelson attends, his home church. The team was back for lunch and little free time, libary reading and before you knew it was dinner time. Nelson shared his testimony with us tonight and then we attended the school’s devotion time. Followed by some Bible memory quizzing with the students. All enjoyred this time and we will have some more quizzing tomorrow night with the students.

Our plan for the rest of the week, is to make a day trip to a unit that is about an hour away. The team will do some more drill teaching and a EV presentation. They will also visit a second unit on Tuesday. We hope to have our team banquet on Tuesday night. Wed. we will do our sightseeing day here in Ndoloa. Thursday will be preparation for going to Victoria Falls. We will write another report on Wednesday before we leave for Victoria Falls.

Friday we will travel together with OA II to Lusaka where we will spend the night. It will be a long drive to Victoria Falls. We will stay in at a tent site on a mission compound. Sunday we will spend the day sightseeing, overnighting at the compound and then Monday returning to Lusaka and then flying to Florida on the 10th. It won’t be long and your children will be back home with lots of stories to tell. We as leaders have enjoyed the team members so much. They are such a blessing to be able to be with and eager to learn all they can and be used by God. Thanksfor letting them come.

Lydi Felker

I am having such an amazing time here in Zambia. god is constantly showing and reaffirming His love for me. Every time I open my Bible, God tells me sommthing new about Himself and His love. It is so wonderful to know that no matter where I am, even out in the bush in Zambia, God is taking care of me. Hello Felkers! I love and miss you all!

Emily Schultz

I have learned and am learning so much this wonderful summer in Zambia. Something that God shoed me early in the summer it how blessed I am. Also how alive and active the Word of God is.

Helen Colins

I have had an incredible experience so far in this journey. God has shown and taught me so much.Of couse,the obvious God has revealed how blessed I truely am; it is almost unfathabable. He also has taught me how vitally important our reliance on God is. For absolutely everything and all that I do. I MUST rely on God, His Word, and His faithfulness. Especially out in the bush here. I see the need for these children, not only physically, but especially spiritually. There is so much more, but I can only write so much.

Tabby Hems

The Lord has been doing a lot of work on my heart, especially in the last week or so. The work has been mostly practical and my flesh fought it at first, but now I am anticpating how it will change my daily life when I return home. Thank you for our prayers.

Jennifer Mast

This trip has taught me to trust God and to lean on him. I am amazed at how the kids here are so willing to learn the drills. I can’t wait to share with my family and friends the many stoires I’ll have to share when I go home.

Vanessa Gusman

This trip has been an expierience of a life time. It’s taught me a variety of things from the value of family, true friendship, how blessed I truly am and the meaning of relying on God 100% I have seen how the people of Africa live it’s nothing compared to what I thought. The chidren walk about 3-5 kilometers to school, and they wake up early to go and get water, or some just work because they don’t have enought money to pay for shcool. It’s amazing the journey I have been living and that I had to go through all this ti honesly learn what it is that really matters to me and what I have. Hello Mom, Dad, Kattie, Melissa, Kayla. I love you and cain’t wait to see you.


I will ask him for his note. If not in this email we will have something in the next report! All team members are healthy. We thank you for your many prayers!!



  1. Gary an Rachel Mast

    It is great to hear from you guys.We are thankful everyone is safe and God is using the Zambia Drill team to further his kingdom.Please tell Jennifer hello from Clemson,SC…:) God bless you as you start the last part of the trip.

  2. Cheryl Walker-Hinson

    thanks so much for the updates. I have been waiting to see what is going on. I know lives will be changed just because you are there. yours and those in Africa. May God continue to bless you

  3. gary an rachel mast

    We are excited to hear everybody is safe and sound.We will continue to be in prayer for your safety and health.It is sad to hear that the facilitator was beaten,we truly are blessed to live in a country where our general health and safety everyday is taken for granted.May God bless and keep the Zambia drill team!!GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!

  4. We wept when we read this – it’s so hard to hear how precious children are brutally treated by their own mothers. And we are SO THANKFUL you are all safe but saddened that the facilitator was beaten. This brings home that you all are doing a work for God and not just having a fun vacation. Being on the front lines has its dangers but we SOOOO need people willing to be on the front lines. Bless you all – every one of you on the Zambia drill team and especially the leaders – Kathy, Nelson, and others I don’t know. And especially to Lydia we say: We love you so much and can’t wait to see you but enjoy every moment dear!

  5. Cynthia Calloway

    Thank you for such a long note. I am excited to hear about the work the Drill Team is doing. I am so sorry to hear about the brutal treatment of the children. May God heal their souls and bodies. Tell CJ his grandparents and church family want to hear from him. Chris, Soley, Jamie all say that they have him in their prayers and look for his return. We will continue to pray the prayers for safety and ministry!
    God Bless!

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