Honduras Preteen’s eventful week!

Honduras National Flag

Honduras National Flag

Wednesday July 28

Typical work day for us. We raked, worked on the road, macheted the grass around the orange trees and scraped more green moss off of the sidewalks. Josiah and Will had KP. Around 4:30 Mrs. Maher heard a shout from outside and then the words, RUN run for your lives. I ran outside to learn that they had been throwing rocks and hit a hornet nest—thankfully no one was stung–it sure was funny to see all the boys running and screaming. The kids enjoy story time at night where we learn about different people groups.

Thursday July 29

Another day of work. We get up at 6:30, breakfast is at 7:30 morning devos at 8:15 to 8:45 and work at 9. The kids do laundrybetween wakeup and breakfast so that the clothes are dry by the time the daily afternoon rains hit. The rains were especially hard this afternoon and evening. Caleb and Luke had KP.

Friday July 30

This was our sightseeing day. The brochure said that we were to go to a waterfall 3 hours from here. Due to the heavy rains and an outbreak of dengue fever—we were not able to go—-However, we found a zoo that is an hour away–there are only 3 in the whole country. This is owned by Christians. We loaded up in the TMI truck and headed to a hotel in Santa Cruz where we loaded into an air-conditioned bus to the zoo. The ride was beautiful. The team loved the animals—we saw lions, leopards, birds, monkeys, emus, ostriches (Mr. Norman was fascinated with those) and more, the kids got to pet a crocodile’s tail while the zoo keeper held it–many had their stuff grabbed by a monkey–they took tons of pictures. We also had a tour of a cave complete with flying bats and even played hide and seek. We enjoyed a packed lunch and they spent two hours in the pool. They loved playing in the swimming pool, lounging around the pool , getting an ice-cream or pop at the snack shop. We had an awesome day. The BMW students had a national meal of fried yucca (the team so loves this) tortillas, beans and rice. We had story time, Bible study and then put everyone to bed. Hard rains again hit about 5:30 and lasted multiple hours.

Saturday July 31

Our last work day. We had received the last of the gravel while on sightseeing and so spent the day smoothing it out and finishing up the road. The kids worked hard and seemed to enjoy the last day of work. Jeremiah & Rebekah had KP Luke killed a snake–yuck.–but it was the fun thing of the morning. The BMW students were off on a ministry day. We made spaghetti and homemade pepperoni cheese rolls for supper. They loved it. After supper we had fun night. The kids love using their creative sides. We chose 4 team captains, the team then chose members and we had 4 drama teams. They without words had to act out different items first. It was interesting seeing a dish bag acted out, they then did nursery rhymes, video games and then Bible stories. These kids are hilarious. We had popcorn as well. After we had Bible study, storytime and then praise and worship and bed. Hard rains in the night–knocked out the power.

Sunday Aug. 1

Hard to believe we have only two days left here in Honduras. We attended church this morning—followed by lunch and an afternoon of verse review, practice for our debrief presentation and some organized fun ( with 12 boys it always needs to be organized ).

Tomorrow Aug. 2 we have a program planned at the bilingual school in Santa Cruz–they will do a presentation and then will be having a time of speaking English with the students trying to learn and that will be followed by a game of soccer. They are looking forward to it. Afterwards we will pack. We will be picked up for the airport at 7:00 AM on Tuesday.

Thank you for your prayers. We have sure seen the Hand of God on us this entire trip. God is so Good. Wow, do they eat—they run for seconds, thirds and some fourths. I don’t know where they put it all. We thank you so much for sharing these preteens with us for the summer—they have sure kept us on our toes, but are so lovable and we have enjoyed our summer.



  1. Rene & Gary Coston

    What an amazing time you all have had! These are memories to last a lifetime! Going forth and sharing the Lord with so many poeple in a new and wonderful land – Praise God for the opportunity He has provided these kids!

  2. Caroline Rodgers

    Amen and Amen! Let the people praise you O God let all the people praise you! Glory to God! I am so excited and thrilled at the work of our God in and through His kids. I am so looking forward to a huge hug at the airport! Thank you all for the powerful impact you’ve had ministering to these “arrows” that have been shot to a target and will be retrieved now to be polished up for future mission targets! What a mighty God we serve!

  3. Hi! I’m a student from the bilingual school the kids visited, and we had a wonderful day =)
    We were very glad to have them here.

  4. I am so happy for all of you! Jeremiah could not have had a better summer tailor made for him without TMI. It amazes me how the Lord puts each child in just the right place. It is such a leap of faith for us when we sign up for TMI and then trust that everything will work out. Awesome, mighty Lord we praise you and thank you for your covering of this team and trust you for their safety and well-being on the trip home!

  5. Summer Pansariang

    Thank you so much for these wonderful updates! It is so great to hear a day by day account of what is happening! I always chuckle at the team’s adventures and am excited about the ministry opportunities the kids are getting. Thanks for leading these kids this summer! It sounds like you have done a wonderful job inputting a love for God and a sense of adventure into these kids. We miss you Josiah!!

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