Peru doing well

Presentation in Peru

Presentation in Peru

Greetings from Pucallpa Peru!

The day is Sunday and it is the first day in August. Wow it is hard to believe we are nearing our final week. The team is doing very well except for me. I have found that making water for the team is a full time job. The filter that TMI sent with us is quite amazing. I am always pleased with the quality it produces, but because of hotter temperatures in the 90s the team has really been going through the water.

The project is going better and we now have two columns formed and poured and have laid about 450 bricks. We were told that we were not going to have enough cement to do the rest of the job due to there not being any left in the area. So, during team devotions on Thursday I asked the team to pray that God would provide and Friday morning we got the cement we asked for. Ask and you shall receive. We have had some problems with the locals trying to tell the girls on the team that they should not be doing mans work, but we have explained that that’s what Teen Missions does. The boys and the girls do the same work. I think they sort of get it, but sometimes the language barrier makes it a little tough to explain. Thank the Lord for those amongst us who can translate. I have also had to ask several times for the nationals to not do the work, because the project is for the team to do and that they could work on it when we leave, if we do not finish. Anyway, it looks good for the next few days and the team should have more than enough to do.

As for evangelism we visited a church up the road where the team did music and puppets for the children. Also, some testimonies for the adults plus a few worship songs. One thing that is neat for me is that we see the same spirit of God in each other even though we can barely communicate. God is working here in Peru!

Yesterday after work, some of the team went into the jungle with Nathan and I (Brian). We saw monkeys, a few exotic birds and a giant ant hill. The kind of ants that make super highways on the jungle floor. We also picked fresh sugar cane, some bananas and papayas. Plus the Peruvians that were with us showed us some peppers that were very tiny, but the heat was about the hottest I have ever known and I mean ever! One touch to the tongue was more than enough for me. Some of the girls stayed behind with Amber and Jessica and had a night of makeovers and relaxation. To top the night off we had our team banquet at a small restaurant in the town center. The team had chicken, ice-cream, pizza and my favorite, ice cold Inca Kola. It was a very nice end to our busy Saturday.

All in all we thank God for the opportunity to serve Him here in Peru this summer. I am reminded daily that it is only by His strength and power that anything good and perfect happens.

Thanks to those of you that have been praying for us, because without your prayers things would have not happened the way that they have. He is faithful in all His ways. It is a privilege to serve the Most High.


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  1. Greetings Peru Church… Sounds good the things being accomplished for the Kingdom of God. I’m sure each of you will be changed forever for having served the LORD there. In Siberia there has been more EV than in the past and it is great. At the moment the team is preparing to do puppets for the neighborhood children. Excuse me while I go watch…I love puppets too!! Hello to Nathan and Emily….. love from Uncle Eivind and Auntie Carol

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