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Sharing testimony

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Dozens of children eagerly watched as the team danced with puppets, acted out dramas and sang praises to the Lord at the nearby primary school. Friday, we loaded the team into a van expecting to visit the Sudan boarder, but God had other plans. The chief of police was unable to send officers with us to the boarder, so instead we took the team to a local school where they had the opportunity to host a one day Vacation Bible School type program. The team members taught Bible story classes, games, music and even the drill training which they learned at Boot Camp. At the end of the classes, the team was able to present the gospel through puppets, songs, dramas and testimonies. Several dozens of kids made professions of faith.

Friday, was only a warm up for the weekend’s outreach opportunities. This afternoon the orphan children came to the AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit here on the property where the team is staying, and our team again hosted a one day Vacation Bible School. It was truly a blessing as a leader to see the hard work and enthusiasm of the team. They really poured themselves into the kids and the orphans were blessed by their ministry.

Tomorrow, we have been asked to return to the Anglican Church in Koboko to present for the entire worship service and for the children’s services. It will make for a very full day as there are four different services!

Since writing the last report, the walls on the first building have climbed to window height. The bricklaying is going well. The team is working hard to make nice smooth mortar joints with bricks that are very uneven, but they are doing well. The team has also been working to fill in the floor on the first building and prepare for the foundation on the second building.

Monday morning the team will continue raising the walls on the first building. We hope to see that first building completed before we leave. The team will work through Friday morning. Friday afternoon we will pack up, and we leave Koboko Saturday morning, just one week from today.

In closing, we would like to share testimonies from two of our team members.

Caitlyn Sweat, Age 16:

Coming to Koboko was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. I love how when the local people see us they give us a huge smile and wave. Going to St. Mark’s church was amazing! In only a few hours we had told hundreds of children about Jesus. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb here, but I don’t mind. The weather is beautiful. More than once I have looked up into the sky to see a lightening storm in one direction and the most brilliant sunset in the other. I can feel the Lord blessing our team as we build the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center. My biggest prayer right now is that this team will make an impact that will last for generations to come!

Ronnie Moore, Age 14

Koboko is a really great place. On Sunday we went to a local church, which was an amazing experience. Most of the songs they didn’t understand, but we had a translator who explained the songs. We sang a song in Swahili, a language which most, at least some of the people understand. They stood up and were dancing and yelling and praising God. This experience was one of the most amazing experiences that a person could have in their life.



  1. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful team serving the Lord in Uganda this Summer …Leaving behind testamony of God’s love and buildings that will continue to be a blessing to the people of Uganda … Praying for God to continue to go before you as you finish your work and travel …

  2. Thanks for the new update!!!

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