Hello from Hong Kong!

Hello from Hong Kong!

Hello from Hong Kong!

Hello from Hong Kong! Sunday morning we went to Lai Shing Baptist Church and shared in their youth group’s church service. The national teens were very friendly and the team loved meeting and talking to them. Afterward, the team taught the Chinese teens two of our dramas, which were very well received. The pastor and some of the Chinese youth took us to an authentic Chinese restaurant for lunch after the dramas, where we really enjoyed talking to the Chinese Christians and learning about their culture and customs. During lunch, the team and Chinese youth were sharing about their families, and when Caileigh

shared that there are seven children in her family, the national teens were very surprised! They enjoyed hearing about American ways, and then they kindly made sure we all knew how to use chopsticks properly. Emily and Jake were very thankful for that! Sunday evening we were able to return to the Ladies’ Street market for some final souvenir shopping, and the team had fun just spending time together. Katie loved bartering over prices in the market with her travel group!

On Monday morning the team shared testimonies, songs, puppets, and a drama with seniors at the Youth For Christ center, and in the afternoon we had the opportunity to do a presentation in a large mall. Taylor, Gloria, and Emily shared their testimonies, and the team also did puppet songs (Believing In God was quite a hit!) and used drama to present the gospel to shoppers there. Monday evening the team spent time together back at our dorm. Lauran is keeping us entertained with her very educational comments

and preoccupation with Edward Scissorhands. Jake is making some great friends on the team and doing crunches every night to prepare for soccer season. Everyone is healthy and doing well, and we are working hard up to the last minute here in Hong Kong.

Isaac would like to share what the Lord is doing in his life this summer. “God’s teaching me that if you’re not flexible, you’ll ‘break a bone.’ In other words, you have to learn to be flexible so things go well for everyone.”

To all of our families: we love you and miss you, and the Lord is doing great things here with the team. We are looking forward to Debrief!

Love and fried rice,

The Hong Kong Team



  1. Congrats, Team on a job well done! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the Lord. May you be blessed with a great trip home and more missions trips for all of you!! God Bless You MUCH!!

  2. Always great to read the updates. Your trip sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Katie I can’t wait to hear from you first hand about your experiences. Much love to you. Auntie Jude

  3. I love reading these posts on the website. Thank you Carrie! So glad to hear how busy you are sharing God’s word. Your time there is drawing to a close and I’m sure there are mixed emotions. Can’t wait to see my Isaac! We look forward to hearing about ALL the things you’ve learned this summer! Praying for you all!

  4. Gloria Rodriguez

    Thank you for sharing again… We love to read your reports as they help us know how to pray for you all. It sounds like there’s not a minute to waste as you all are spending your lives for Jesus’ Name sake. We love you, Gloria Marie, and look forward to hearing all that God has done!! -Momma

  5. Dan & Tammie Hicks

    Greetings Team Hong Kong!! So great to hear that the Lord continues to use you. Emily- you look so dramatic, we’re sure you were a great drama teacher. Looking forward to learning how to use chopsticks from you. We’re still praying; enjoy your last few days in Hong Kong. Love, Mom & Dad

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