Malawi FW II

Malawi FW II

Malawi FW II

This is a report on August 3, 2010 from Lilongwe. We are running the leaders’ seminar for our Malawian Boot Camp from Sunday so we came to town to buy the food for Boot Camp.

Things are rolling. After we arrived to House of Joel we washed 77 kids’ feet on the first day, and total about 150 kids’ feet for the entire time at this Unit. We left that Unit on Monday before the daybreak. It was just getting light by the time we arrived to the base. We had to have the truck emptied by 7 that the preteens could pack it for the airport. At the main road next to the village of Khwidzi we had 37 people praying the salvation prayer, we did puppets, drill and music.

During an afternoon of evangelism, we were at Melissa Foster Rescue Unit. We asked the children how many of them knew the story of Noah and the ark, and only 3 kids raised their hands. Bre told the story of Noah and the Ark to the kids. After that we told the kids to line up in pairs of 2 and choose animal to represent. In order to enter the ark which was really the tabernacle, they had to make the noise of the animal. And after 40 days and forty nights they were released on dry land!

We also had a lesson on faith and trust in God. I asked a little girl what Faith meant to her and she said, “Loving God with your heart.” We did a little activity and told the kids to break up again into pairs. We blind folded one and the other was leading the blind by voice only. Even though we didn’t understand verbally what they were saying, it was neat to see some of the kids completely trust their partner and then there were the kids who peaked and had little faith. I explained to them that God is jealous for us, and wants us to completely trust in him, even if we feel that we are being lead blindly into something that is unfamiliar.

We can’t believe that we only have two more full days and they are leaving. They are very excited about their sightseeing time tomorrow and the day after.



  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post updates. We loved ones at home really appreciate it.!

  2. How great to read this! I was on the first team to start work on the House of Joel, and I love hearing about the kids there now!

    Rachel (Murphy) Vanoven

  3. It’s great to get another update on the team!! We are so thankful for the leaders and for the team’s servant hearts!!!

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