Philippines is traveling

Philippines is traveling

Philippines is traveling

A big hello to everyone!! We have left the TMI base and are now in Cebu City Philippines. The boat ride is always an experience! So much fun though. This past weekend our team had the opportunity to do some evangelism with the students in the neighboring area on Friday evening. Saturday was our last work day, and we finished laying all the blocks and pouring all of the pillars for the boys’ side of the dorm. The students and staff also gave us a massive feast of local food on Saturday evening. It was so much fun we had a good time together! There was lots of singing and worshipping the Lord that night and it was just a blessed time to spend with them. On Sunday we went into town and did a presentation at a church, which was having their 37th anniversary and so there was a huge feast again after the service. I can say that I think all of us love Filipino food!! The kids also got a chance to do some shopping in the local market which was a blast. Don’t be surprised if your son or daughter comes home with some sort of a knife! We have over fifty pounds of them!!! The team had a great weekend and on Monday we packed up and said our good byes to the staff and students. There were some tears of course, but we headed out for the boat and have arrived safely in Cebu City. We have a presentation this afternoon at an orphanage here, which we are looking forward too.

Again we want to thank everyone for your prayers they are surely felt! No one is sick and everyone is doing well! Thank you



  1. How blessed your team was to have Larissa Clark. I have been praying for you and am confident that God has revealed himself to you on new levels not even imagined. There are a few people in Fort Wayne who are a bit excited to see you! You go, girl. Bring the passion and fire back….

  2. Your team was blessed to have Larissa Clark as a member. I have been praying for her and am confident God has showen himself to her on new levels not imagined! There’s a few folks up in Fort Wayne that are anxious to see you, Larissa! So proud of you, girl!

  3. Yahoo! Sounds like you had a fantastic and encouraging time with our Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ and those that had an opportunity to hear the good news of Christ. I can’t believe we’ll see you guys at home in only a week. That’s crazy!

  4. Hello!! great to get update on the Philipino group. God is good.

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