Ireland packing up

Ireland packing up

Ireland packing up

We cannot believe we only have two days left here in Ireland. It has been such an amazing summer and the team has grown together in the Lord so much. The building of the shed has been amazing. The team nearly has all of the walls completed and the driveway to the shed is almost completely poured. They were just told to pour a driveway two days ago and just started working on it yesterday. They did a job well done on such short notice. With this being the last day of work, the team has been working non-stop to get all of the walls up and driveway poured and you can see the earnestness in their eyes to complete the project. It is so hard to think that our time here is almost over and we will be leaving for the airport on Friday. We are planning on having ice cream tonight as a team, in celebration of what great work they have done. Monday, the team had an opportunity to go to Powerscourt Estate, which is a house built on the most beautiful piece of property I have ever seen. The grounds are vast and has many different types of trees and gardens with fountains. The house itself is beautiful as well as all the statues surrounding it. It takes an hour to walk the entire grounds. This alone can tell you how vast the land is. The team really enjoyed taking pictures there. We also went to Wicklow County and stopped in a place called Glendalough, excuse spelling. This area gives you a perfect picturesque view of the beauty of God’s creation here in Ireland. The team was able to take a short hike around the lake while being surrounded by cliffs and beautiful moss covered trees. There are ruins of an old Abbey there, that the team enjoyed taking photos of. This county is very well known as there are many movies filmed in that area. Tomorrow is going to be made up of packing all day. It has been a little more wet here the past few days and we are hoping to get the tents dried somehow before we pack them up. We are hoping to be able to take one more trip into town after they pack and have fun at the docks for a little while. The team will be spending the night indoors, which will be nice and warm for them, and will be leaving for the airport at 5am Friday morning. Please pray for us as we will soon begin our travels to Florida for Debrief. Please also pray for each of the team members to really remember and take home what they have learned here in Ireland and what the Lord has taught them. I don’t think it has hit them entirely that it is almost over. We realy have enjoyed leading your kids this summer and we hope to see each and every one of them return on Teen Missions teams again. Thank you for sending them and praying for us while we have been here. Your kids have been a delight to us anad we hope that each of them have been blessed. See you in a few days!



  1. Thanks again for the great service you as leaders did with the team. We’ve missed Katie so
    much but are so proud of all the team for serving the Lord during their summer. May God
    bless you all as you go your separate ways and continue to live for Him. Love, Grandma

  2. So thankful to hear about the physical growth that occurred with the work projects and the spiritual growth that occurred in the lives of the team members. Will be praying for you all as you travel back and go through debrief. Thank you so much to all the leaders for their sacrifice and hard work with the team. It is greatly appreciated!! Counting the days until I can hug Katie’s neck!!

  3. Thank you for the informative update….I along with the entire family and host of friends are awaiting Abbey’s return. We are all so thankful for the opportunity she had serving God in Ireland and very joyful for her in our lives! You are all in my prayers…..Grandma Bonnie

  4. Thank you the update and the summer. I am continuing to pray. May the Lord bless your travels!!!

  5. I am so glad you all have done so well and finished the work. I can’t wait to see pictures. This week has felt so long because it is getting closer to the time to pick Jo up from the airport. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

  6. I’m more excited about the picture than the posting…because my daughter is in the front row! lol Ditto to Terri’s posting. Can’t wait to see my daughter and hear about the trip….and how God has grown her and changed her.

  7. Sounds like they’ve been busy!! So glad to hear they are almost done and that they have gotten to see some more of the beautiful countryside. So looking forward to their return and hearing all about it in person! We will be praying for their trip home!

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