Indiana visits Holiday World

Indiana visits Holiday World

Indiana visits Holiday World

Monday was a special day for the Indiana Team. They went to Holiday World for an entire day of play! A special roller coaster and lots of water rides were the main attractions, along with all the drinks they wanted for the whole day. There were several pink cheeks and noses at the end of the day, but overall the consensus was that it was a good day. We had team devotions when we returned.

Tuesday was very hot here in Evansville. We were inside the air conditioned building most of the day having classes and group devotions. We viewed a video by Louis Giglio called, “How Great is our God” which was excellent for portraying the greatness of God using the stars and universe as well as our human bodies as evidence of God’s sovereignty and power.

Three leaders and 7 team members went to minister at a fair in Lawrence County, IL, in the evening. The response at the fair was very poor, and there were no decision, though some Bibles were given out. It is an unusual fair, and the main attraction of the evening was a baby contest. People came for that and went home. We anticipate more chances for surveys and sharing Christ the rest of the week when we will have three fairs at which to minister beginning Wednesday.

God’s Gentleman and Grubby to Grace classes are giving the kids powerful messages for their lives. We are praying that they take the teachings from the scriptures to heart and choose to make right choices.

Out of the three fairs where we ministered in small Illinois counties, about 100 surveys were taken, 70 bibles given away, and 11 decisions for Christ were recorded.

God bless you.


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  1. Thanks you for up dates/ Don’t be discourage guys. you might be plant the seed and some time you may never see the flower that will bloom. It only takes a spark to get afire going was my song when I went to teen mission 20 years ago ( Sarah should that). being so young I’m saw people will be talk about what hey saw. If these teen are will give up their summer . it must be something. some family are talk about talk on the way home. Praying all the time MOM in CT

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