Last day of work in Belize

Sharing puppets

Sharing puppets

The team began it’s last day of work today in full force! Today, the pastor was able to pick up some much needed cement (we have a little hold-up earlier in the week when the truck carrying the cement fell off the ferry trying to get here). The team plans on spending a FULL day working on mixing & pouring the cement for the foundation & support columns. In Belize, cement is mixed by hand in the middle of the street. This is a new experience for our team. Tomorrow the team plans on packing up & doing some last-minute work on the job site.

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to enjoy a Belizean meal prepared by the church. It was amazing! We had chicken stew, BBQ fish (most of the people in our village are fishermen), handmade tortillas, tostadas & rice & beans. The team was overwhelmed by the outpuring of love! The next evening we had the opportunity to hear our pastor’s testimony. It was very impressive for the team to understand the struggles and persecution that evengelical christians experience in this country.

Saturday the team plans on heading to the airport. We are all looking forward to flush toilets & showers when we return to FL. Thank you for your prayers this summer.



  1. Brenda and Larry Fast

    Well done, Good and Faithful Servants!!! Can’t wait to hear from you–whenever!!!!!

  2. michelle and roger schmitt

    God bless you all for the work you were able to do. You seemed to have had many obstacles on your field trip but it seems that you were able to accomplish other things and learned about the Belizian ways.I know we are looking forward to Julia’s arrival to hear about her ventures.Have a safe trip home and enjoy debief.

  3. Roger & Michelle

    Wow, it felt as if you had just left to go to Belize, and now it’s drawing to a close. Time does fly. Glad to hear on the progression of work, yet feel sad that the amount of work to leave will be somewhat unfinished. I’m sure that each and every one, whether it was Belize, Peru, Russia, that all have a feeling of life, and how we, live in the lap of luxury. To first hand experience what it is like, without a shower, toilet, that we in the modern world, literally take for granted. Enjoy the last few minutes where ever you are, breathe in deeply, and never let this experience of a life-time pass you by. For all of us, whom patiently waited for updates, it was greatly apreiciated. Again, remember what you did, not for yourself, but for the others whom you touched with your presents of being there, reaching out, and perhaps giving hope to some to believe.
    Soon, you will be all home again and into the same routine as before, but treasure the memories, the moments, for, they are yours to keeps and share.
    See you soon………

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