Uganda finishing work

Uganda finishing work

Uganda finishing work

Last few days on the project site and the work is still going strong. The brick walls on the first building are now reaching beyond the window height. The rock foundation for the second building is also under construction now. We are still hoping to finish the first building up to the cap-beam by Friday.

On Sunday the team shared about Christ at the Anglican church in Koboko. They presented in all four services as well as four children’s services. The pastor treated the team to both a Ugandan and Sudanese meal. Rice, eggs, goat and chicken were served for the Ugandan meal. The Sudanese meal was similar to Ethiopian food. They eat everything with a large flat bread. The team learned that the Sudanese people in the area are from the Dinka tribe. They are known for being very tall. Besides Dinka they also speak Arabic as a trade language. They are refugees who hope to return to their home when the violence ends in Sudan.

We plan to continue to work on the project through Friday morning. Saturday we will travel to the main base in Jinja. Sunday the team will present in a local church, meet the Bible, Missionary and Work Training Students and visit the Forest Newland Orphan Rescue Unit. Monday will be the team’s sightseeing day. After souvenir shopping, we will take them to see the source of the Nile near Jinja. Tuesday, the team heads for the airport to begin their journey home.

Thank you for all your prayers.



  1. Continually praying for the team, the people in Koboko and that they have safe travels home! We are LOVING getting these updates. Can’t wait to hug my boy soon and hear what God did this summer is Africa 🙂

  2. Mary Jane Helton

    Glad to hear the reports of the team’s work on the project and planned activities this weekend in Jinja. We pray for you continually.

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