Buenas Tardes! from Peru

Buenas Tardes! from Peru

Buenas Tardes! from Peru

Buenas Tardes!

Over the last few days we have gotten a lot of work done on the church. All of the blocks have been laid for the walls, and the columns are being framed up as I type this. Today has been a slow day, because we are finished laying block, which is a praise in its self! We would have liked to have had the opportunity to start the roof, but we cannot until the concrete columns have set. Since we are pouring them today, there will not be enough time before we leave.

The team has mixed feelings about leaving tomorrow. They are excited about travel and debrief, but they are sad to be leaving the people. Yami and Emily have spent a lot of time with the locals, in their free time, singing and learning some Spanish songs, and they will miss that.

Thank you parents, grandparents and friends for all of your prayers. We have had a really good summer and you have been a huge encouragement with your letters and through your prayers.

Emily H: I love you Mom!

Yami: Thank you for for all the prayer and support. God is doing His will here in Peru.

Katlyn: I love you Mom! Thank you FUMC for praying!

Ben: Love you guys!

Brett: Miss you guys, see you in a week!

Sara: No comment….. JK! Love you all!

Hilary: I love you so much Momma, Daddy, Eric, Jaunita, Muffin, Coco, and Molly!

Krista: Miss you all, can’t wait to see you soon!!!!

Kristin: Love you guys, can’t wait to see you. Don’t forget to pick me up at the airport……..!

Sam: We have been getting work done on the church. Say hi to Ben, Jack, Alex, and Emily.

Hannah: Peru is AWESOME! I like Inca Cola.

Stephen: Peru is an awesome place. I can’t wait to see you guys back at home! Love y’all.

Ashley: Hey, hey, hey! Miss you guys! Peru is awesome, but I can’t wait to come home!

Logan: I love you Mommy, your my favorite! 🙂

Amber: Thanks Mom for all the cards, you’re a saint!

Nathan: Love you Mom and Lindley! See you in sixteen days!

Jessica: Thank you Quartzsite and Roadway Alliance for your support and prayers.

Emily T: I miss you my friends and family. I am excited to go home, even though I love it here in Peru!



  1. I’m so happy my brother(Stephen) called me from the airport!!! See you soon!!!

  2. Logan, we have missed you so much. Preston and I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. Be a good boy and know how much we love you. I hope to be there around 9 or 10!

  3. Brittany….we can’t wait til you get home on Wednesday. We too have been praying. You know how I am with writing. I/We love you!

  4. Yami, we’ve all missed you very much and are looking forward to seeing you soon! We are very proud of you! May the Lord bless you richly! Lots of love, Vivian, Desi, and David =)

  5. Well now I feel bad that I didn’t send a ton of letters, but I did pray. Praying is better anyway. Can’t wait to see you Jessie Bessie.

  6. Just wanted to say WE LOVE YOU KRISTIN. May God be with you all as you travel.

    God’s love,
    Nana and Papa

  7. Kristin, we love you! Not to worry, we will be at the airport before you land. See you soon.

  8. Love you Hilary. See you soon. Have a great trip back to Florida.

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