English Camp is winding down in China

English Camp is winding down in China

English Camp is winding down in China

English Camp is winding down and the campers will be going home this afternoon after lunch. It has been an eventful week and the team has really “stepped up to the plate” in fulfilling their varied roles which included teaching, counseling, assisting in the many activities of camp including rafting, mountain biking and a ropes course.

Life-long friendships have been formed. Even though we could not overtly witness, we pray that the Light of the Gospel has been evident in our lives and we pray that many seeds have been sown in these precious lives.

Yesterday, the whole camp traveled to Tiyuan City to go swimming in a public pool, complete with water slides. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Last night, we introduced the Chinese to “smores” around the campfire (we were thankful for cooler temperatures last night). Following our smores adventure, we played games and shared about camp.

Meal times are an adventure. Many of the Chinese only want our food and many of the team only want Chinese food. The campers love to walk down the serving line peering into pots and smelling the contents. Getting them to wait for seconds to be called before getting seconds has been a challenge. Now that it is almost over, I think they have that concept down 🙂

The campers will be leaving after they present a program for their parents this afternoon. It will be sad for us. We are hoping to be able to go into town this afternoon to get our “custom-made” Chinese outfits. After dinner, we are looking forward to some team time, which we have missed.

Tomorrow will be a regular work day and we will be finishing up some projects along with getting the camp clean. We will also begin packing out tomorrow. It is hard to believe that our time here is almost over. Thank you for your prayers. We have felt them this week.



  1. Abbey's Mom, Katrina

    It sounds like a “Job Well Done” China Camp! You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all the details updates. It’s been a blessing to “be along for the ride”! Travel home safely and enjoy this God-filled adventure. Please pass my love to my Abbey!

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