Samoa finishes project

Samoa finishes work project

Samoa finishes work project

Talofa from Samoa. This will be our last report before heading back to the US on Monday. Our work project was finished on Wednesday! We completed the water tower base and the team was so excited to see the projected done! On Thursday, we spent the day snorkeling on the coral reef and kayaking. It was an amazing day! Today (Friday) we started our morning with a presentation at a preschool and were fed a delicious snack when we were done. They had papaya, coconut, bananas, and pumpkin bread for us and even sent a bag of coconuts and papayas for us to take back with us. We left the preschool and walked to town for our last souvenir shopping day. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will be going to the beach with the YWAM staff for day of fun and Chicken BBQ.

We are all sad to see our time here come to an end so quickly but are also anxious to get back to Florida for debrief and then to see our families. Praise the Lord, we are all well and doing much better!! Thank you so much for your prayers.

Oh, and for any of the parents who live in the LA area, we will have a long 9-10 hour layover and would welcome any snacks you might want to bring by to feed us. 🙂 he team is anxious to call home and talk to their families while we are there. We will see you all soon!!!



  1. Hi Sam and his teammates, so glad to hear that you are done!!! we are so proud of what you have accomplished. God Bless you all and love you all!!! Sam call home as soon as you get to US. Trinity carries a photo album of you and Ariel. We miss you so much. the Lees

  2. What can we say but that God is Good all the time. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!! We are so happy with all the reports and the team leaders who put in so much energy to be with our children, teaching, ministering, and helping them to grow in the Lord and above all teaching others about Christ. We will be praying for safe return to Debrief and then home. 🙂

  3. Tell Seth to call TMI to try and talk to me or Brian if they can find us!!

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