Zambia Drill packing up

Zambia Drill packing up

Zambia Drill packing up

Greetings from the Zambia Drill team,

As you know the team moved to Ndola on Satruday. Sunday we went to Nelson’s home church. It was good for the people to see what Nelson had been involved with since he has been gone so long.

On Monday the team went out on a day trip to the Lupia rescue unit. They enjoyed teaching the nursery school children had a pinic lunch and then taught the kids that came in the afternoon. They retuned back to the base and finished the day with a camp fire down at the bamboo prayer walk. They had purchased some chocolate and cookies to make some smores but were unable to find them at the store.

On Tuesday the team went to the rescue unit of Chiwala which is only about and hour away from the base. They met with about 40 some kids and they caught on very easy. Between Lupia and Chiwal there were about 80 children that gave their hearts to the Lord. The team came back after lunch and prepared for our team banquet. We had hamburgers and all the fixin’s with ice cream and cold coke. The base coordinator Doug and Barb and another staff Jillian shared with us and challenged us in our return home. We have truly been blessed by their love and care for each of the teams.

Wednesday the team had a chance to do a little shioping in Ndola had a nice lunch and also there is a souvenir place up the road from us. They were able to find some great things to bring home.

Thursday was clean up, pack up and finish some of our classes that we needed to finsh. The evening finished out with another camp fire which all enjoyed.

This morning we are getting orgainized to pack our bags and get the bus loaded for going to Lusaka. It won’t be a early morning as we are not able to get into the church we stay at until after 6:00. It will be about a 5-hour drive. We will stay over night at the church and get up early for the LONG ride to Victoria falls. We will be overnighting at a mission compound that has little camp sites. We will even be able to get a hot shower. Sunday morning will begin our sightseeing day. We will go on a game park drive. We will go on a two-hour boat ride on the Zambzei River for about two hours and they will serve us a buffet lunch. From there we will go to Victoria Falls and view them and then there is a big souvenir shopping area and the team will finish out the time with shopping. We will return to the mission compound and spend the night. Again up early to make the LONG drive back to Lusaka where we will stay at the church and do the final packing of our duffel bags. We will then need to leave early for the airport as it departs at 11:00. We fly to South Africa and spend about 8 hours there and then onto Washington D.C. where we will have to go through immigrations and customs. Move our luggage to the transport belt and then go as fast as we can to connect with our flight to Orlando. So appreciate your prayers that ALL luggage will come through and there won’t be any delays.

The TMI bus will be at the Orlando airport to pick us up and we will make the hour bus ride to TMI headquarters where we will get settled into our rooms and then begin Debrief with about four or five days left before you will have your children back home with you. We really appreciate your children and allowing them to come on this missions trip. We pray that you will see the specail work that God has done in each of their lives.

This will be the last report that you will receive from the Zambia drill team, your next report will come in person with the return of your children. God bless

The Zambia drill team



  1. Gary an Rachel Mast

    What an amazing trip and organization.We have enjoyed the updates and will continue to cover you guys with prayer as you return home.May God bless each of you for the time,effort,and sacrifice you team leaders have given to further his kingdom and also for building into our kids.From Clemson country we wish each person on The Zambia Drill Team the very best in the future.

  2. Wow! What a mission trip it was! Your communications help me to feel so much a part of it. You have been in my prayers and I do now pray for your continued safety and protection as you continue to travel. I pray also for protection for those who you have spoken to and touched through this mission trip. I know we will indeed see the special work CJ performed during this ministry. We look forward to receiving him home on Sunday, August 15th. God Bless!

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