Team Amazon River has flown the coup!

Team Amazon River has flown the coup.

Team Amazon River has flown the coup.

Team Amazon River has flown the coup. They flew out early this morning and as I write this they are probably getting ready to board their flight from Sao Paulo to Orlando. Well what can I say about this team after spending close to 6 weeks together… What a joy and blessing to lead such a great group of teens. You parents can be real proud of your children let me tell you. They did an amazing job. Everywhere they went they left behind such a good testimony that really touched the lives of the Brazilians that they came in contact with. Their hard work on our base to get the dorm started was just a miracle for us and we will always be so grateful for that. Although I can’t say they were much of a singing team, they were amazing with drama and were able to put together various pieces that were very challenging and really caught the attention of the public. They were also very diligent in getting gospel tracts into the hands of the people, so together with the dramas and tracts we were able to make a big impact in public. That is work that only heaven will reveal the fruit of. Personally, as their leader, I was so touched by the way each one has grown in the Lord this summer, and grown up in general. I trust that you will also see this when they return home. Besides all the hard work and long days, I can tell you that I had an amazing time with these kids. It was quite an adventure at times, and lots of fun all the time. I am missing them so much already. This past week we sat down and I challenged them to come up with a list of 10 ways that God answered prayer or worked in a special way this summer. They came up with over 20! That just shows to me that they are sensitive to the Lord and eager to give praise where praise is due…. and all of that praise goes to our amazing God! Thanks again for your prayers this past summer. Spoil these kids when they get home; they deserve some pampering for their dedication and hard work this summer. I love you Amazon River!!!! Dave



  1. My son, Cole Simmons is in the Brazil team and we are so excited to see him on Wednesday and hear all about what God used him to accomplish and what hehas done in his life this summer. I have heard about Dave from others that have gone on missions trips in the past and you are a very loved and respected man. I am so thankful that Cole got to have this experience under your leadership. Thanks! I would also like to say thanks for the email updates, it was so much more communication than I ever expected! with appreciation, Brooke Simmons

  2. Daveee you rock man 😀

  3. Davee you rock man 🙂

  4. Jim and Angie Zimmerman

    Thank you for your report! This was Tanner’s first experience with missions. Of course as parents we were not looking forward to his spending so much time away from home, but after watching Bootcamp on the webcasts and listening to you speak, the Lord gave us such a peace about it. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of these kids and for your selfless commitment to missions. We are really excited to see our son and see how he has grown with his relationship to Jesus.


  5. …and Amen!

  6. Dave,
    Your post is wonderful. Let me be the first to thank you for your love, companionship and leadership selflessly offered to this group of young adults. It was nice knowing Christian has had an opportunity to follow and learn from you twice in the last five years. We are looking forward to hearing all the stories and seeing Christian’s growth when we reunite next week.

    God Bless,
    LeAnne Andersen

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