Indiana team visits Abraham Lincoln’s home

Indiana soon traveling

Indiana soon traveling

The Indiana Team is experiencing some good growth spiritually and in attitudes.

The team went to the historic site of Abraham Lincoln’s home in Indiana, Thursday morning. It was very moving and informative as well as enjoyable. In the afternoon we had classes and preparation for the fairs in the evening. This evening there were two fairs where the team worked – Mt. Carmel, and Carmi, IL. Altogether there were 12 decisions for Christ and lots of Bibles given out.

Friday was the last day to minister at fairs, and Mr. Dooms was pumping the team up to do their best and give it their all to reach as many as possible at the three fairs where they were to go. Another 12 decisions from the three fairs was the final count for this last night of fair ministry for this year here at TTT. The total number of souls saved for the season was 146. Lots and lots of Bibles were also given out and lots of seeds planted in addition.

Saturday was busy with verse reviewing and finishing up classes as well as cleaning and preparing for the evening TTT Rally. This was a special event evening, called the Big Splat! There were a number of watermelon activities, including spitting seeds, and tossing watermelons up on a blanket and letting it fall and splat on the ground. They measured the distance of the pieces to decide the winning team of “tossers.” Then the rally was held as usual. Afterwards there was more free watermelon for everyone to eat along with all the other snacks.

The team left early Sunday morning for two different churches in Indiana which were each about 1½ hours away. The two groups ministered in the services, then were fed a meal before joining together to march in a parade in one of the towns carrying Christian flags and giving out Gospel tracts. At the end of the parade there was a time of playing at a park before heading back to TTT. Upon arrival at the base, we found a banquet all laid out for us which the two lady leaders had prepared during our absence. It was a special meal with salad and homemade rolls and chicken and noodles. Clowns made of sherbet and ice cream cones made a special dessert.


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  1. Praying for you guys. God bless you.

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