Siberia Recap

Siberia Recap

Siberia Recap

Sweltering in Siberia

It has still been extremely hot here in Russia. We did, however, enjoy a little break from the heat on Monday, our last day on the project. It was only in the 80’s and our nighttime temps were down in the 50’s.

The Russian Boot Camp Debrief began on Saturday with the three teams arriving back at the base on Friday. We enjoyed seeing their smiling faces and hearing testimonies of how the Lord used them on their projects. Overall there were 6 decisions for Christ during the Russian Boot Camp and 10 decisions during their project time. What a blessing it was to have been a part of helping train these Russian teens to share the Gospel with those around them.

We praise the Lord for the fruit of the ministry of the Russian teens and our ministry here in Russia. The following gives you an idea of what was accomplished this summer with the Lord’s strength.

Grandelia -Krasnya Niva (Russian teens)

Began preparations for 1st church building in village of Krasnya Niva… Cleared land, set steel fence posts in concrete, sheet rocked and plastered two interior walls in adjoining house

Painted playground of local kindergarden

Conducted 5 outreaches to local kindergarden children (about 15 kids)

Conducted 5 VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs for 20-25 local kids on TMI property

Played in 2 soccer outreaches and one volleyball outreach in Krasnya Niva averaging 20-30 persons each event

No Brakes (Russians teens)

10 Evangelistic Outreaches using ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ averaging 25 persons per outreach.

1 Volleyball Championship EV outreach with about 35 people attending

4 Soccer Scrimmages

God’s Kids (Russian teens)

3 Open Air Presentations

2 Two Day Bible Camps (reaching 33 kids)

Daily door to door sharing and Bible / Tract Distribution

Russia Sports (US Team)

Installed insulation, wind barrier, sheet rock and plaster on 11 walls on 1st and 2nd floors of Teen Missions in Russia BMW building

Added layer of insulation in BMW attic

Removed and Re-installed furnace room roof during winterize work on exterior wall

Installed brick insulation around BMW furnace

Assisted with splitting and stacking of 10 cubic meters of fire wood

Demolished concrete pad to make room for boundary fence

Completed installation of 50 feet of BMW fence and set gate

Installed heat barrier insulation behind six BMW radiators

Participated in the training of 33 Russian teens and leaders in construction, drama, music, puppets, judging OC, tent inspections etc.

Conducted 4 soccer evangelism outreaches averaging 20-40 persons

Conducted 4 volleyball outreaches (one in village with about 15 peoples) and 3 at TMI base VBS averaging 20-25 kids

Gave two Sunday presentations in Shadrinsk local churches

Setup 1 Volleyball Court

Repaired exterior wood siding of BMW building

It is impossible to estimate the true results of our main project…. The spiritual building that God did in each of our lives and in the lives of our Russian brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please pray for those we left behind at the Russian TMI base and BMW…. Babushka Katya, Lyuda and the students

The Russian former team members and leaders

Those we shared wtih in our outreaches

For revival in the Russian Churches

Our head leaders, Steve and Gay Petersen and their two children, Timothy and Faith will be staying in Russia until the end of August. Please continue to pray for them as well.

Thank you for all those who prayed for us and supported us for this summer of service to the Lord.



  1. Hello everyone! I love Russia because I was adopted 3 years ago to America! And I love to hear how God reaches those poor ophanages,because once I was one of them and now I believe that I’m goin’ back and bring Jesus to Russia! It’s never too late!

  2. Dear Russia Sports…. Praise God the amazing things that were accomplished in Krasnaya Niva for the kingdom of God. You have left an impression on this village that will live on. Continue your devos and never stop!! Enjoy debrief and may God bless you as you prepare to return home!! Stand for Him….
    Love you all….. Miss Carol and Mr. Eivind

  3. WOW, I feel like I’m hyperventilating!!! What amazing accomplishments!! When did you breath or sleep? I know God is truly honored by your work and self-sacrifice! We are so proud of all of you, God bless you as you travel home and endeavor to continue this mighty work in your individual communities! In His love, Mema Conway

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