Uganda enroute back to the USA!

Uganda enroute back to the USA!

Uganda enroute back to the USA!

The team is now enroute back to the USA! The Lord was really watching out for the team this day. Just as we were pulling into Kampala, the clutch on the truck gave out. Thankfully we were able to pull into a service station out of the road. Peter was quickly able to hire a bus to take us the rest of the way to the airport.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a day of souvenir shopping on the streets of Kampala. The kids enjoyed bartering for drums, brightly colored clothes, jewlery and pottery. Each one was eager to bring back gifts for their families. Sunday, we attended church and the team put on a gospel presentation for all in attendance. In the afternoon they were able to take a trip to the Source of the Nile. A long boat took us all across the shining waters of Lake Victoria to a little island in the lake. From the island we could see the natural spring that supplies a third of the waters that runs in the Nile River.



  1. God is soooooo amazing and wonderful!!!!!!!!
    I hope i get to hear the stories my friend
    Caitlyn Sweat will tell me!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks God
    for the safe travel there and back home You
    are an amazing God!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad to hear of Gods protection for the team! Can hardly wait to talk to Matthew and hear his stories 🙂 Praise God for this experience for him!!! I’m praying the work they did and the message they shared will be a blessing to the people in Uganda for a very long time!

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