Reaching village burdened by gang activity

Pray for Teen Missions ministry in BelizeWe had two OBC (Overseas Boot Camp) teams, Joy and Faith, with eleven youth on each team. After the 10 day training camp, they worked on various projects at the TMI property for the first two weeks.

They were also busy preparing to teach at Vacation Bible School which we held the third week of our project time in a small village that is known for having heavy gang activity. The team slept in a small church on the floor and shared the kitchen and bathroom with the pastor’s family of five. It was a humbling experience to have been hosted by such a poor, yet, generous family. The VBS was a great success! The Joy team helped build a pavilion in the yard of a primary school in Santa Martha. It will serve as a dining area for the children during their lunch hour. They slept in the classrooms of the school and enjoyed playing with the children in the evenings during their free time. They also were able to do some personal evangelism and saw about 30 people come to know the Lord as their Savior.

The last week of camp we joined both teams together again for a time of “Debrief”. This was a fun time of games, sharing, and reflection of our summer projects. We also had many teachings to help prepare them to stand strong in their faith as they return to the peer pressures of life.

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