Pray for Derrick

Derrick moves from one feed sack to another

Motorcycle (MSSM) Circuit Riders found Derrick on the Sims Circuit -Zambia

One day we saw this man scooting from one feed sack to another and wondered what happened. Derrick is a 41-year male old who lives in the remote village of Wangibisha. One day Derrick became really sick and died. There was no health clinic or hospital within walking distance so the family could do nothing to intervene on behalf of Derrick’s sickness. A few minutes after his death all of a sudden Derrick came back to life. When he came back to life his legs were paralyzed and he had no way to get around. Though Derrick couldn’t walk he was so thankful to be alive and well. To this day Derrick gets around by scooting from one feed sack to another. He lays one down, sits on it, moves the other to the other side, sits on it and so on and so froth. It takes a long time for Derrick to move anywhere in his current condition. Derricks prayer is that one day he might have a wheelchair that would allow moving from one place to another so much easier. Pray for Derrick and his family, that the Lord would do a miracle in his life and supply for all of his families needs.

This is a story from Wangibisha, Zambia where the MSSM Circuit Riders teach on Friday afternoon (Sims Circuit).


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  1. Praying now for Derrick, for a wheelchair to improve his mobility, and for protection from emotional distress.

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