Orphans help others in need

We had a Charity Walk with some of the older orphans and church members, the average age of 12-20. The main issue was to help people, who are old and sick, what a joy it was to be welcomed in. In one of the homes there was an old woman, who had nothing in her house to eat and you would not believe what she slept on. It is hard to imagine the situation; no toilet in the home and the compound was dirty and smelly. If it wasn’t for the grace of God you would never even think of spending a minute in that place. But for us, we felt it was our opportunity now to exercise and show Gods’ love in such a situation. Indeed the whole team was excited, because of what we got to do in this old woman’s life. We are sure that in the future she will recall how God is good. The girls happily sang songs of praise while they washed all her dirty clothes and her bedding. They also enjoyed cooking a simple meal for her. The guys dug a pit latrine and cut trees to construct it while I took time to talk to her. We really had a good chat in that eventually she gave her life to Christ. We came back home happy and challenged in our hearts. How many people are out there in such conditions that just need someone to go and show love and see God’s goodness and give their lives to Christ.

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