The Missionaries to Canada have arrived!

2010 Missionaries to Canada

2010 Missionaries to Canada

It has been at least five years since we have been able to run the Missionaries to America program. The Lord opened the door and visas have been granted from Canada for the team to be here for one year. We are hoping that they will be able to come down to the States at sometime during the year.

The team arrived on the 9th of September. There are four guys and five girls from Indonesia and Korea. Canada is a little colder than the countries they came from so there was some immediate adjustments to the weather as we trained at our newly-acquired campground in Outlook, Saskatchewan.

Training began on the morning of the 13th with establishing our one hour of prayer time. The guys had a preaching class taught by Howard Vanderpool. Barb Paisley spent eight days training the team in music. They were able to learn 15 songs and had choreography to go with each song. They had classes in counseling, giving testimonies, equipment, puppets, TMI policies, learning about Canadian/American culture and teaching each other Indonesian and Korean songs.

On the 5th of October they had their first presentation. They were well received and many were a little surprised at their ministry in song, puppets, testimonies and preaching in a second language. They had their first week in Outlook and are now branching out to nearby towns. We would encourage you to contact the Canada office (306) 867-9293 and book the team to come to your area. They will bless your boots off! What a blessing to meet with believers from other countries that have a love and passion for serving the Lord. They are very eager to have this opportunity to minister in your area.


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