Decisions for Christ high in the Andes!

Juan Carlos Amador Family - TMI staff in Ecuador
Juan Carlos & Gina Amador - TMI staff in Ecuador

Boot Camp is in full swing here and all is going well. We have 18 leaders for 62 kids, so we left our 5 teams in place and all are busy training for their particlar projects.

We saw 6 young people make their stand for Christ the second night. God continued working last night too, as kids got things right with God.

We have two volunteer cooks who are working with lady leaders to feed the camp. Gina Amador is Miss Piggy.  Juan Carlos is in charge of the work classes and work days Рwhich start tomorrow. Juan Carlos Velasquez keeps busy with supervising classes and making sure everyone is behaving themselves Рand I just make sure it all happens. Oh, and Gina and I have been busy Рand will be for the next week! Рwashing up everything the American team left. That team brought down several duffels of those donated sweaters, and after the first cold night, when everyone froze, I gave them all one of those sweaters. Was there ever rejoicing! They were so grateful for the added warmth. You should see camp though Рit is predominantly RED!

(Originally reported July 28th)

We had a great Commissioning Service. The place was packed with parents and pastors. I think there were about 15 pastors present.

(Originally reported August 6th)

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