Help for a Grandma and her orphans

Zambia Teens help rebuild home

Teens help rebuild home

In Kansoka there is a village where a 75-year-old grandma lived with three orphans aged between 6 to 12 years old. Grandma’s hut caught fire and they lost all they had in that fire, including the hut. During the symposium the Facilitators and the kids took time and visited the village and when they saw the needs, the kids suggested they do something to help. So they cleaned the village, repaired the house and fixed the door. The only work remaining is the roof. They were unable to find the grass for the roof, because bushes have been burnt. The grandma shed the tears of joy to see the kids helping her. After they were done she blessed them and later said today, “we will lock the door”, something that we were unable to do. The kids went back to the base, the Facilitator shared God’s word and 36 kids came forward to receive Christ as their personal Savior. We praise God for His work during the camp and after the camp. In many places people were very thankful for Teen Missions because this is the only help they have.


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