Affected by earthquake— ministry work continues

Elizabeth Little, TMI staff in New Zealand
Elizabeth Little, TMI staff in New Zealand

Many former team members and leaders are living in our quaking city of Christchurch and its surrounds. Have been in touch with some of them and continue to pray for them as they try to recoup. Things are a mess! Andrew and Alisha Woods (TMA staff) arrived there this past weekend to spend some time with Andrew’s parents. He had several meetings lined up, but whether or not the churches or schools are still open to him remains to be seen. We have 31 Kiwi registrations for December’s Boot Camp and we have a leaders’ seminar in Gisborne next weekend.


  1. Hi, I’m browsing about summer camps for my teenage son (15 on Christmas day) and saw about your December 2010 bootcamp which sounds interesting. Are you able to please provide some more details. We (me, wife, son) are from Wellington, our son Jonathan goes to the Rock Church youth service FITE, he likes music and “hanging out”. He has never been on a church or youth group camp before, only school camps.
    Thanks, David Wanty 04-9711423

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