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BMW students
BMW students

We have accepted 19 new students to give us a total of 27 students expected for the new term. Classes will start next Monday. Of course that is a high number of new students compared to returning students so we may have some adjustment time getting everything going as it should. But we should be able to cover all the bases when it comes to refresher time with that number for which we are thankful. The encouragement that came with these new students is that again we have a good number of our own orphans coming as students. This started two intakes ago and is continuing.

I really have some high expectations for some of our new interns. Smart, Hendricks, and Gabriel are our own orphans that have finished our two year program and are beginning the internship year. Hendricks spent some time telling me how thankful he was to Teen Missions for rescuing him. He said that he lost his Mother and Father and all his siblings. He was left alone. When Oscar came to Lufwanyama he was absolutely alone and without hope. No way to even go to school. But Oscar shared the gospel with him and led him to Jesus. He also helped with his school fees. Hendricks managed to finish school and wanted to come to BMW. He was accepted and now he says he wants to help hundreds like Oscar helped him. Then he said this, ” I no longer consider myself an orphan, I have my Teen Missions family”. I am looking forward to his ministry out at Lufwanyama in place of Oscar. That is what discipleship is all about.

I am hoping I can show you this early picture of the Solwezi orphans. In it is this picture of this little girl. Edith is her name. Now she is one of our new students. Edson, who is also an orphan from Solwezi, came up to me at boot camp and said how thankful he was that Teen Missions helped him finish school. He applied as a BMW student and was accepted. It seems half our new students are from Solwezi.

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