Lane, Bob and Betty (Fall 2010)

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Dear Friends and Family,

Betty and I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus. We pray this letter finds you in good health and rejoicing in the blessed hope set before us.

Our trip to Europe started out with us having to pay $50 each for our two extra bags. Four hours into our travels in Germany, Betty became sick and had to be admitted into the hospital with a 102.8? temperature. She had a blood infection, and was treated for three days before the doctors were satisfied that she was well enough to travel. We thank God it happed in Germany and not the Ukraine. She is fit as a fiddle now. We had some problems at three of the border crossings because of our van papers –God blessed us with the entry visas each time, however.

Five new girls at safe house & Ukrain Church

Five new girls at safe house & Ukrain Church

We arrived in Stoupyagah, Ukraine Stoupyagah, Ukraine, with funds to help finish a new Baptist church. The people had been worshiping in an old house. The church asked the village government for some property to build a small church building, and they gave the church a corner lot with paved streets both ways, two blocks from the main school building. They started in May and had all four walls up and the roof on. There are 25 youth that attend the church so now they are planning to build a Sunday school room. Teen Missions gave them some camping equipment for their camp. Betty and I also gave away Bibles in the Ukraine and Moldova.

When we arrived in Moldova we visited an orphanage in a small, remote, farming village where 30 orphans had frozen to death during the winter months–since then an American ministry has taken over the orphanage of 70 boys. The ministry also found out that when a orphan girl turns 16 they are put out on the street, where they are picked up by evil men and put into the sex slave traffic. The ministry now has three homes for the girls and is building a fourth. It just broke our hearts to hear of such a terrible thing happening to these precious children! The Lord tells us that as Christians it is our responsibility to take care of the orphans and widows.

Teen Missions is trying to work out a team to go to Moldova and help with the building; pray that this will come about. How we thank God for blessing us to be a part of His ministry and reminding us of all we have. Betty and I were able to leave them soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sweat shirts and candy.

Leaving Moldova, we traveled through Romania to Serbia where we visited a new Child Evangelism Fellowship camp, where Teen Missions will have a team in 2011. We stayed with Karl and Julie Bamnert, Southern Baptist missionaries, who are helping get the CEF camp operating. Betty and I had a nice visit in Serbia. Then we traveled to France to to pick up some equipment for the Swiss Team next year.

Where we spent two days rest

Where we spent two days rest

We also had a nice two days of R&R where the 2011 team will be working. Our apartment overlooked beautiful Lake Thun and snow-capped mountains. It was all free, God is so good to us.

Finally we returned to Alzey, Germany, where the TMI van is stored. We stayed at the farm for three days before our flight: I shared in the church services, our friends treated us to BBQ brats and steak. Betty and I are looking forward to staying home till January when we head north to teach leadership seminars.

The number is four great-grandchildren now with the birth of Brennon, Desiree’s baby boy. He was born 14th of September: 8lb 2oz., 21 inches long, and a full head of dark hair.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. They mean a lot to us.

Bob and Betty Lane

Prayer Requests:

-Health and safety

-Our family’s salvation

-Wisdom in decision making


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