Myers, Anthony and Shawna (Fall 2010)

Myers Family

Myers Family

Dear Family and Friends,

Once again, we have to go all the way back to May to update you on the Myers family happenings!


This summer was very busy for the few staff who were left here to “hold down the fort”. There were not many of us here, but we had a close group and enjoyed working together to keep the office going (24 hours a day), keeping the grounds clean and mowed, and running the four Debriefs. Shawna kept up with the reports from the teams as they came in daily and put them on the web. She was in charge of the kitchen during the Debriefs (feeding over 200 people at times) and had wonderful people helping which made it easier. Shawna and Carrie hard at work!!

This included getting up at 4 AM some mornings to cook breakfast so the first thing that was done was to put on the coffee pot! Ordering food and keeping up with special diets added variety also. It really helped to have an industrial sized kitchen to work in! They were some long days, but she really enjoyed it! Debriefs started July 25 and ended August 15. Anthony was in charge of the outside crew until the teams came for the Debriefs, then he ran the Debriefs. He really enjoys the contact with the teams and being a part of preparing them to go home, which includes teaching classes, arranging buses, transporting to the beach and dealing with last minute situations as well! Brandon kept up with 11 lawns this summer, which kept him busy, and Darin enjoyed being with friends at the TMI property all summer.  During the summer we are able to read, first-hand, the reports from the teams and hear how the Lord is working in their lives and the lives of those with whom they come in contact. It is amazing to see how God can use young people to impact the world for Him! There are many reports and stories posted on our website from the summer teams as well as the ongoing ministries overseas on, under Missions Trips News.


Teen Missions started in a one-car garage on May 7, 1970. This summer we celebrated our 40th anniversary! It is so amazing to see what the Lord has done during that time. Many of you may not know that there are also two other ministries that were started by Teen Missions-AIDS Orphans and Motorcycle Sunday School Missions. You can learn more about these ministries at and

Jessie and her sweet friends

Jessie and her sweet friends


As most of you know, Jessie went to India this summer. Boot Camp was difficult for her as she had a virus for almost five days. She was blessed to be able to stay inside to try to get over it quicker, but it seemed to hang around for a long time. She really wasn’t 100% when she left for India, which is hard for a parent to see, but we know that this is where the Lord wanted her and that is the best place for her. She was able to go to the TMI base in India and enjoyed getting to know the staff there. She saw a different culture than any other she has been in before and was able to help with some of the projects at the base. On the way home they were able to stay in Hong Kong for a few days. Thank you to everyone who supported her in finances and prayer during the summer. We surely felt your prayers as she stayed healthy most of the summer after Boot Camp.

Anthony's rafting trip...Fun!

Anthony's rafting trip...Fun!


We had a few weeks off following the Debriefs, so Anthony was able to go to Pennsylvania for a week to see his family, while Shawna stayed in Florida with the kids. He was able to help his dad do some work on the farm, go whitewater rafting as well as help out with his brother, Lynn, who has ALS. He was also able to visit some supporters and share with a new church about Teen Missions. His parents drove him back down, then spent a week here with us. We always enjoy having Grandma and Grandpa here. We had a few days following to get some things done at home before going back to work.

Grandpa & Gramdma with the kids

Grandpa & Gramdma with the kids


Last May, Anthony and a few other staff drove to Teens for Christ in Hudson, Wisconsin to set up the Tabernacle which was in Indiana last Fall. He will head back up in October with a crew to take it down before the snow comes. They had over 2,000 people tour it this summer and have been very blessed by it. Another location is being worked on for the Spring.


We did something a little different this year and had the 2011 Summer Teams Brochure ready to hand out at Debriefs so the team members could take them home! As of now, we have over 100 registrations already! We are excited about possibly taking a team to Israel next summer, but will share more about that later.


We hope to visit some friends and supporters near Atlanta during Thanksgiving and plan to be in Pennsylvania for Christmas. Of course, these are our plans so we will let you know what the Lord plans!

Prayer Requests:

*For Anthony’s back as he deals with lower back pain

*Brandon and Jessie as they decide what the Lord wants them to do next summer

*The kids to focus on the Lord and continue to do well in school

*Good health and strength to continue serving the Lord here

*Wisdom in our daily responsibilities at TMI and in raising the kids

Thank you so much for partnering with us in this ministry. We could not be here without your sacrifice. We pray for you daily and are thankful for our special friends and family.

In His Service,

Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin Myers

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