The Best Present Ever! Eph. 2:8

On the 9th of this month of October there was organised on the TMI base in São Miguel a special program to celebrate Children`s Day here in Brazil. The theme was “The Best Present” and the key verse was Ephesians 2:8. On this day we gathered together children from the following communities: Carrapatinho and Bom Jesus, where we run a children’s outreach every week-end. We also invited another community nearby called Bom Pastor. Here they have not allowed us to run a regular outreach but we have shown the JESUS film. They responded very well and we had about 30 children and parents come. We hope this will open further opportunities in the future.

Every year since 2006 (when we moved the Bible School to Sao Miguel) we have been celebrating Children`s Day with the local communities in this manner. This has become a greatly anticipated event for the children, and not only for them but for all us staff and students as well. Everything we attempt to do is run by faith and every year we see God`s gracious hand miraculously providing everything needed to bless these children. This year was no exception. God showed His presence since the start in guiding us with the theme, the key verse, the songs, the Bible lesson, even the clown, balloon and puppet skits. But the blessings of God didn`t stop there because beyond the human resources there were also financial needs to cover. For example, the transport to bring them in and take them home, the meal provided (chicken and rice dish), decorations, and gift bags that we were able to give to each child. Other than candies and small toys, these gift bags also included a toothbrush and toothpaste for each child… something simple but often-times so neglected for these kids. All these things were provided by means of offerings and donations from churches, family and friends, as well as a few businesses in town. All touched by the Lord and used by Him to make this day so special for these children. Of course the highlight for us was to share with these children, teens and adults, over 120 in all, that the best present anyone could ever receive is the gift of salvation through Jesus our Saviour.

In all this we can only praise the Lord who has revealed Himself in such an amazing and providing way, enabling us to serve Him in this manner.

“Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Philippians 4.20)

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