Hames, Blair and Carrie (Fall 2010)

Hames family adventure!

Dear Friends and Family,


This was the first summer since 2004 that our family didn’t have a team to lead. There were many times during Boot Camp that I would see a team go past my desk on their way to their next class and think, “I wish I had a team!” Then 15 minutes later another team would rush by trying to make it to KP on time and I would think, “I am SO glad I don’t have a team!”

I had a new job during Boot Camp this year and I really liked it! I was basically a receptionist of sorts for all of Boot Camp. I kept track of paperwork and finances that the leaders had to hand in, posted announcements on the leader message board, gave messages from the staff or class instructors in leaders meetings, sorted the teams emails, rang the bell at the beginning and end of each training period and anything else that was needed. I really enjoyed having the constant interaction with the team leaders and fellow staff throughout the day.

Jaden and Skylar loved doing Peanuts and both grew a lot from the experience. They both agree that the obstacle course and evening rallies were their favorite things about Peanuts. They had decided to go on separate teams, but at the last minute the two teams they had picked ended up being combined into one team. In the end, it worked out well to have them together. Neither of them cried when I dropped them off the first night, but when it was over, they both bawled the whole ride home because they wanted to stay with their new friends.

After Boot Camp ended and the teams all left for their projects around the globe, our focus shifted to answering phone calls and emails from concerned parents or leaders who needed to know how to handle different situations. After two weeks on their project, the Indiana team was really struggling, so Blair was asked go help them out. There were many challenges to overcome and a lot of prayer and hard work was put into ministering to the kids on that team. The Lord did a mighty work in and through that group of kids and they were able to see 250 people give their hearts to Christ through their outreach at county fairs. Please continue to lift this group of young people up in prayer as they learn to take a stand for Christ in their homes and schools.

While Blair was on the team, the kids and I continued with our daily work at the office. Once the teams started to return for Debrief, I was able to help with the cooking. This was my first time working in the Boot Camp kitchen, and once I’d learned my way around, I loved working in there. There were four Debriefs, two of which had over 200 people to cook for! I learned so much about cooking for large groups and really enjoyed getting to know the other ladies I was working with better.

As soon as Blair’s team ended our family packed up the van and took off on a two week whirlwind tour of the east coast. We were able to visit friends and family all along the way and it was an incredible time for us. Thanks a million to the Hodge, Kerr/Lynch, Spicer, Cutlip, Modonna, Lusby, Picciochi and Beck families for making our trip so memorable!


The Lord laid it on my heart to homeschool the kids this year. It’s a big adjustment for all of us, but it’s going really well so far. Jaden is in 3rd grade, Skylar’s in 2nd and Liam’s in 1st. We love the flexibility and I think the older two are beginning to grasp the concept of doing their work quickly so they have extra time to play. If I had kept Liam in public school, they wouldn’t have advanced him to first grade, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I agree he needs some extra help with his reading and handwriting, but he wasn’t as far behind as they were making it sound. I decided to go ahead with first grade work for him and he’s doing great. I think he really needs the one on one attention and was easily distracted in a room full of friends.

We covet your prayers as we continue on this journey in ministry. Each new day has it’s own adventures and we are grateful to be able to share them with you along the way.

Because He’s Worthy,

The Hames Family


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