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Greetings to all our Friends, Family and Former Team Members!!

Our Wonderful Team!
Our Wonderful Team!

We are so excited to share our summer with you!!  Thank you for all of the prayer and support that allowed us the opportunity to minister as leaders on the Hong Kong Team.

Hong Kong 2010

God gave us an amazing summer.  Our team included nine teens with two other leaders who had the desire and zeal to see people come to know the Lord. It is a praise to have young people deny themselves for the sake of taking the Gospel into the world. After a hot and challenging two weeks of training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, our team left Florida on the 11th of July to fly to Hong Kong via Amsterdam. Before we had even left the Orlando Airport, the team shared the mission call to many travelers around them.  They passed out drinks and food that we could not take through security, shared about their upcoming trip and even led an older gentleman to the Lord.  All before we had even left the States!! We had an added blessing of a ten-hour layover so the team was able to go into Amsterdam to tour the city and see the famous canals.

Sharing the hope we have in Christ Jesus
Sharing the hope we have in Christ Jesus

Once in Hong Kong we hit the ground running, and sometimes we were literally running from one evangelism location to the next. Hong Kong is the most populated city per capita in the world and many times we found ourselves pushing our way into the subway or down the street.  While commuting it became a full-time job just making sure we all stayed together!!  Thank God one of our guys was 6’7″!! His height help lead the way through the sea of people. The group had many ministry opportunities sharing the message of the Good News in the streets, nursing homes, churches, a school and even a shopping mall. The team members would sing, perform puppets, dramas, gospel ballooning, share personal testimonies and share the wordless book. It was an adjustment getting used to using an interpreter but many found that tourists and youth knew English. As our time progressed, the teens became bolder in passing out tracts and speaking to individuals about Jesus.

Sharing God's love
Sharing God's love

We praise the Lord for eight people who came to salvation and all the Gospel seeds that were planted because these young people were obedient to the call. We are also proud of their efforts in painting murals on several of the walls at the Youth For Christ building.

It proved interesting adapting to the Chinese culture. We ate quite a lot of their cuisine including some exotic choices like fish eyes. While buying a loaf of bread for the first time I was presented with a strange question, “Do you want skin on that?” (in very broken English)  I had to really think what that question could actually mean and finally understood that the shop keeper meant ‘the crusts’!! In between times of ministry and painting, we all had a chance to experience some of the Hong Kong sights. We practiced our bartering skills at the local Ladies Market, rode a tram up a mountain to Victoria’s peak, viewed the world’s largest laser and light show at Victoria’s Harbor and mastered eating Chinese food with chopsticks.

Sharing through song and drama
Sharing through song and drama

At the end of our time together we reflected back on the times when God had stretched us by taking away our comforts including free time, personal space and privacy.  But it was during these stretching times that God had allowed us to grow the most.  We all came home changed, having a better understanding of the need for missions, personal devotions and good friendships.

While we were sad to say goodbye to all of the teens, we were also growing anxious to be back together with our kids. Bekah and Drew spent their summer with my parents in Rockford, IL. They spent four weeks being spoiled!! Bekah enjoyed a visit to a Wisconsin cabin where she tried water skiing, go-carting and swimming.  She also loved visiting the American Girl store in Chicago and Medieval Times.  Drew loved light saber fighting with his cousins, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, visiting the Lego store in Chicago and Medieval Times. Although God had blessed us all while we were apart, it was so good to have my family back together again.

Florida BMW

Now that we are back in Florida,we are busy once again overseeing  the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center as well as the Retreat & Conference Center.  Much to our surprise, we had eight new students begin the Fall term with a total of twenty in the program. This is the largest beginning class in quite a few terms.  Praise the Lord! These young people have a great attitude to serve the Lord, learn the Bible and prepare for the mission field.  This will be the next generation of missionaries!!  Please continue to pray for us as we oversee the training of these students in their Bible classes, practical work and spiritual growth.

Haiti 2011

In previous years, we have not had our team assignment for next summer yet.  Times have changed!!  The 2011 Team Brochure is already on the Teen Missions website, team members and team leaders have begun registering, and we have received our invitation to lead the Haiti Relief Team. The team’s project is to work reconstruction on an orphanage building, making benches, and clearing rubble from the pastor’s home. We are expecting a large number of teens to register for this team because of the appeal of helping this struggling country recover from the recent devastation of an earthquake.  As well, the airfare is not as costly as many of the other trips and the dates of an Early Boot Camp team  (beginning of June through the end of July) coincide better for many school districts.   This experience will  be a bit different from our last two evangelism teams, focusing more on work and aid to the suffering.  Please begin praying for us as we prepare ourselves for this time of service to the teens on the team and the people of Haiti. We are in need of prayer partners and financial support for the trip to become a reality.  We believe the Lord wants us to minister together as a family this summer.  This means that we will have to raise the funds to cover the airfare for Bekah and Drew to go with us.  If God lays it on your heart to support us through prayer or finances, please fill out the coupon and send it to us.  Thanks so much for your unfailing friendship.  By joining with us in this endeavor you are making it possible for the Gospel to go out into the world.  Thanks for partnering with us.

“How then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?

And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

And how can they preach unless they are sent?

As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”

Romans 10:14,15  NIV

Serving together,

Andy & Carrie Snell

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