Spindler, David and Stephanie (Fall 2010)

Hello one and all from Outlook, Saskatchewan (about an hour south of Saskatoon) – on the Great Plains of Canada! At this writing, we’ve been here just over two weeks, and have only one more week of training with the Missionaries To Canada (MTC) before we head out on the road in ministry, which is where we will probably be when you are reading this.

2010 Bulgaria summer team ready for church

2010 Bulgaria summer team ready for church

After an awesome summer of ministry with a fantastically awesome team in Bulgaria – where we saw 60 come to the Lord through the ministry outreach of our team members, we are “on the road again.” To all our 2010 team members – we love you and are missing you all more than you can know!! To their parents – THANK YOU so much for entrusting your kids to the Lord – to TMI – and to us – it was a blessing and privilege to spend the summer in ministry with and to them!

Our MTC team consists of nine members; seven from Indonesia (three girls, four guys) and two from South Korea (both girls). The team gets along well and has caught on very quickly to the music and puppets portions of the ministry. The fellas have learned to preach (all are graduates of one of Teen Missions Indonesia Bible Schools, so it was mostly review for them), and the girls have all written out several different testimonies (such as their salvation testimony, a testimony of a situation which strengthened their faith, one to share about their country and several others). They’ve also been learning the policies of Teen Missions as well as what all will be involved in their ministry over the next nine or so months.

MTCs in music class with Barb

MTCs in music class with Barb

Once we are “on the road”, our first host church is right here in Outlook, and then there is another church in a different part of Saskatchewan. As of now, there are no other commitments until the end of October. The Canada office coordinator and his wife have been contacting churches all over western Canada, but there’s been little response.¬†Individuals have expressed interest, but churches have not been responding. Are you one of our Canadian friends? Would your church be willing to host our team for a week? The TMC office would love to hear from you if they would! The phone number for the Canada base is: (306) 867-9293. If you would like to e-mail instead, the e-mail address is: [email protected]

We had very little recovery time after our summer team before we came up here, and can, at times, feel the tiredness, so prayers for our health and endurance would be much appreciated. Overall, we are fine, but the demands on our time and on our bodies and minds over the next several months will be intense at times.

Happy Smiles!

Happy Smiles!

The family is all well. Iva and Alisha are in eastern Colorado, and waiting for the arrival of Alisha’s baby boy. He has been diagnosed with gastroschisis – a condition in which part of the intestines form outside the baby’s body. It is usually a fairly complication free correction upon birth, but your prayers for all of them would be appreciated. The baby is due in December.

Heather, Josh and the children are doing well in Indiana. It is difficult to believe they have been married long enough to have an 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter – but they have!! They are active in their church, and also in the school. Josh continues on working for the railroad, a job with good job security and good pay and benefits, and we are thankful for that.

Jenni and the boys very happily welcomed Shad home from a temporary duty assignment in Djibouti recently. They all missed each other very much, and with as hot as it can get in Djibouti, I am sure Shad is very glad to be back for fall in Alaska. This is likely their last fall and winter there – they are hoping for an assignment to Europe next year after school lets out. Shad Rae is now 10, and Talon will be 8 in January!

I don’t see how all this is possible – we’re not old enough to have grandchildren ranging from 8 up to 18, and a great-grandchild on the way!! ;o)

Olga and Jason are both well. Olga has worked part time all this spring and summer for the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Marquette. A man in their church recommended she apply for a position as a caretaker at a facility on Presque Isle that can be rented for events. Overall, she likes the job, but has really missed having time on Jason’s days off (their days off seldom fall together) to go off together on hikes, bike rides or whatever. Jason continues on as a mechanic for FABCO (Caterpillar heavy equipment), but is also looking for a better opportunity. Pray with us that God will open the doors for the best possible position for Jason. Hard to believe they have been married for 18 months now!!

Azzie continues to live at home up north in Michigan, and is now working two jobs. It’s nearly impossible to get full-time hours at Wal-Mart, so he works part-time at Burger King in order to make the ends meet. There are issues with his truck that need taken care of for safety’s sake. The sensible thing would be for him to sell his motorcycle and focus on keeping the truck in good running order. But he is 21, and doesn’t always think sensibly. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for him. He continues to keep distance between himself and the Lord, and our heart’s desire is to see him come back to the Lord and live for Him. He has proposed to his girlfriend, Nicole Lucas. They work together at Wal-Mart, and have been seeing one another for a long time now. They don’t plan to marry until she finishes college. She starts this fall term, so that could be two years or more. She is a lovely girl and very nice – but we don’t think she knows the Lord, so pray for her as well – that Azzie’ll get his own heart right with the Lord and be a good spiritual influence on Nikki so that she’ll also come to know Him.

At this writing, David and I are scheduled to lead a summer mission team to Russia next summer. After training at The Lord’s Boot Camp in Florida, we’ll fly to Russia. Once we arrive, we’ll assist with the running of the Boot Camp for Russian teens. Once their training is complete, our team will be joined by a team of Russian teens and together we’ll travel by train to the Lake Baikal area in the southeastern part of Russia where the kids will do sports evangelism – using sports as a vehicle to draw in kids, and sharing the Gospel with them during breaks in the sports events. This is the same thing our team to Bulgaria did this summer, and there we saw around 60 children, teens and young adults come to the Lord. We are prayerful that at least as many will come to Christ next summer – or more! When the project time finishes, the Russian team members will travel back to their Boot Camp and our team will travel south to Ulan Ude, Mongolia, and on to Beijing, where they will have opportunity to see some of the sites of the ancient Chinese capitol. Please pray with us for all who may consider signing up for our team – we are asking the Lord for at least 15 teens and two additional leaders. Perhaps you know some teens who’d like to serve the Lord in Russia next summer for a month – or some adults who’d like to help us lead teens in ministry. Please let us know – or send them to the TMI website for more information.

We thank God for you – and appreciate your prayers and support. It is a blessing and privilege to represent you in our ministry here with Teen Missions, and where ever in the world He takes us on this ministry adventure! May you know His blessings, peace and wisdom in every way!

Together in His Service,

Stephanie and David Spindler

Romans 10:14,15



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