Tuttle, Brian and Amber (Fall 2010)

Dear Friends,

Peru team in front of the church we built

What an amazing summer!! Peru was like no place we have ever been. We have never met people so warm and welcoming! To arrive at the airport to the greeting of applause and singing from the whole church was very humbling. We were grateful for the training we had at Boot Camp when we arrived at our location. The kids were so used to living in tents, being attacked by mosquitos and sweating all day that the conditions in Peru seemed like an improvement.

Wes with Leslie, we wanted to bring her home with us.

Dimas and Judy, the pastor and his wife, were so thrilled to have us there. The church, which consisted of a few benches and an old sound system, met outside next to their home. So if there was rain there wasn’t church. It was such a blessing to us to help them build an actual church building. It was convicting to see the enormous role the church plays in their lives. They would meet four times a week to pray, sing and read Godís Word.

The summer was definitely a time of growth and self examination for all of us. We were so excited to serve, yet when things got difficult, we found ourselves battling our flesh. Torrential rains, lakes of mud, rats, flies and our stomachs rejection of national food, made us painfully aware of our own selfishness. We were only “suffering” for the summer; this was life for these people! And more amazing still was their joy. These people were happy!

Brian & Amber with our missionaries, Pastor Dimas and his wife Judy

It was wonderful seeing the effect being there and sharing in the lives of these Peruvian believers had on all the kids, including our own. The children loved Wes, the big friendly white man, and Emily developed a sweet friendship with Johanna, Dimas and Judy’s daughter. All the team members grew to the love the Peruvians, much of their free time was spent learning Spanish, laughing and playing games together. We knew the depth of the impact when, own their own, the team decided to give an offering from their personal spending money to further the building of the church. We were amazed at their generosity!

Emily with some sweet peruvian friends

We learned much this summer, amidst the highs and lows, and walked away knowing Jesus is everything and we have the privilege of being used by HIM!

Samoa team on one of the platforms they built

Seth’s Summer: Samoa was awesome! The people were amazing and I got to wear a man skirt (lava lava). At the end of Boot Camp I didn’t want to go to Samoa, I wished I was going to Peru with my parents, but now I am so glad I went. While we were there we built eight concrete platforms for the water tanks the government had supplied after the tsunami. The village we helped had been wiped out by the tsunami and fifteen of their church members had died, including the elder of the village, she was 104 years old. The kids are still scared to go into the ocean. I hope Teen Missions goes back to Samoa one day and I will go with them!

Seth and his buddy Beriti

Thanks to Amber’s parents, we had the blessing of going back to Kentucky for a week when we returned from Peru. It was wonderful to spend time with family and friends. We were blessed to finally see our newest niece, Audrey. Our most wonderful life group had a fellowship in our honor, giving us the opportunity to share about our experience in Peru. We are blessed by their support and friendship!

Now: We are back home now and back to work and school. Wes, Seth and Emily are all home schooling this year. Wes will have his driver’s license soon. He has his dad’s good driving skills and his mother’s speed!

Teen Missions is already gearing up for next summer. The brochures for 2011 are out and we already have many kids signed up to go!

Thank you again and again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry! We would not be here without you. We are praying for you!

In Christ,

Brian, Amber, Wes, Seth and Emily Tuttle

Praises: • For a wonderful summer of blessings and growth. • For health and provision from the Lord. • For faithful supporters and friends.

Prayer Requests: • For the kids to adjust to new curriculum for school. • For Brian when he teaches at the Bible School. • For greatly needed monthly supporters.


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