Shrock, Jason and Karen (Fall 2010)

Dear Friends and Family,

August marked three years of our family being in South Africa! Wow we have had a blast loving on the many folks that the Lord has put in our path. We have been able to assist those starving for food and for God. We’ve prayed with the sick and aided with transport to hospitals and clinics. We have helped with funerals of those dying of AIDS, clothing for those who have little or their clothes stolen. We’ve built toilets, done house cleaning, repairs, and done outreach in a prison. We have assisted the homeless and foreigners with artificial limbs, food, and shelter. Also we’ve helped orphans sick with TB or that have been molested and mothers who were raped. Many have blessed us personally with a vacation, a truck, and this last month with a car. We have received free medical care, clothes, food and much more. Many thank us for the sacrifices we make to help the people of South Africa. As two of our graduates were getting married, one of the pastors said that we are not only seeing fruit from the seeds we’ve planted but branches growing from our hard work. It’s very rewarding to see the Lord working in people’s lives that you’ve invested your love and time in.  One of the ways we invest is through our BIBLE, MISSIONARY,WORK TRAINING SCHOOL. Teaching cross culturally to the students, ages 19 to 54, is a learning experience for us also. Karen taught Pedagogy last term and Jason is currently teaching Doctrine of Theology and Christ. The educational system is very poor in South Africa, so there are many challenges. But the daily rewards keep us smiling and praising God everyday for what He is doing through us and the lives of these students, interns and graduates.

Joy and Jolie helped in Karen’s class. On Mandela’s birthday they taught the students the South African national anthem that includes four different languages. What is funny, but sad, is that our girls don’t know the Star Spangled Banner. They are truly TCK (third culture kids) now and we have to be more intentional about teaching them the United States and other things that they won’t learn in school here. Speaking of culture we went to a village that showcased five of the tribes and languages spoken. It was awesome except Jolie didn’t appreciate the man in the mask! The girls took Christian hip-hop lessons and took first place in their division at a church competition in August.

The Bible tells us that God gives us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4). Little did we know that our college education to be camp directors would bring us to South Africa? Jason is riding a motorcycle helping with children’s Sunday school and Karen is loving on babies suffering with HIV/AIDS, and in December we will host our third Boot Camp for youth. Praise the Lord!


—Jennifer got to visit for five weeks, we saw a World Cup game, and she made it safely back to Suriname

—Weekly salvation’s and spiritual growth in the children and adults we minister to

Prayer requests:

—Boot Camp runs Dec 6–Jan 8, 2011. Pray for us as we prepare that the Lord will be exalted and many lives

changed throughout South Africa. We are doing six teams with approximately 150 teenagers, leaders and volunteers.

—Pauline is 26, has AIDS, TB and is trying to raise 3-year old Joey on her own. She has accepted Christ so we pray that God gives us wisdom as we assist them.

Grace and Peace,

Jason, Karen, Joy and Jolie

Psalm 46:10

Contact details:

[email protected]

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P.O. Box 865, Pyramid, SOUTH AFRICA 0120

cell phone 027-079-393-0492


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