Yost, Bob and Paula (Fall 2010)

Dear Family and Friends,

Summer in Florida, Part I

As usual, the month of June was busy for Bob and me. While Bob did not get to lead a Peanut Team this year (no boys on his team), he did help a lot with the program. He, as Scripture Sam, and his sidekick Object, did object lessons on Lying, Neatness and Controlling the Tongue. They also did puppet skits that illustrated these lessons. We were trying to figure out how long Bob has been doing Scripture Sam and came up with 15 years. You’d think he’d learned the lessons by now, wouldn’t you?! He also helped monitor some of the class times and the Obstacle Course for the Peanuts.

I had an exceptionally busy June, especially the four days that my coworker Linda was doing Mustard Seeds. We’ve worked together for years on Registration Day with the kid’s finances, but this year Linda was busy during Super Boot Camp registration. I’ve been the helper for years, but never had to handle the entire process before, so it was a learning experience. Making phone calls is not one of my favorite things to do, but it fell to me to make the calls for the team members who did not have their finances in for their summer team. When a teen team member comes without all their finances, they are put on a Registration Team until the finances come in. They are able to be with their team for most of the day, but they sit in another location during rally and sleep in a different area. It was neat to see how God provided for each kid; some in unexpected ways, others by simply waiting for the mail to come. (How many times have we told them not to mail their last bit of support, but to bring it with them?) It looks like the same thing will happen next year, too.

2010 Canada Camp Preteen Team
2010 Canada Camp Preteen Team

July in Canada

The very end of June brought the kids on our Preteen Team to Canada. We had a great team of 16 preteens between the ages of 11 and 13. Boot Camp went well. Bob saw more of the team during Boot Camp than I did, which is normal. We left for the airport Commissioning night and flew out early the next morning for Toronto. After going through customs in Toronto, we boarded our plane to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The last leg of our journey was by bus to Camp Outlook, about an hour south of Saskatoon.

Preteen Ninjas on the Walking Bridge
Preteen Ninjas on the Walking Bridge

Our project was to help with renovations at the camp, which was acquired by Teen Missions Canada about a year ago. We painted the inside and the outside of a couple buildings, painted the porch floors and steps to the cabins, cleaned up stuff that had been left behind by the previous owners, cleared brush from around the buildings and built a concrete tile patio in front of the dining hall/kitchen. A start was made on digging a hole for the Slough of Despond and clearing space for the Ten Plagues for the Obstacle Course. Teen Missions Canada would like to hold a Preteen Boot Camp at Camp Outlook and get more Canadian young people involved with missions.

Bob and Paula with some of the Canada staff
Bob and Paula with some of the Canada staff

We did presentations at two churches and a retirement home. We also did singing, puppet songs and dramas for the Open House and for the day camp held by Teen Missions Canada.

Sharing with seniors at a retirement center
Sharing with seniors at a retirement center

We walked in a parade and handed out hundreds of pamphlets about Teen Missions Canada at Camp Outlook. Plus we had fun together and, most importantly, learned more about God.

Summer in Florida, Part II

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Florida for Debrief. That was not as simple as it should have been. We found out when we arrived at the Saskatoon airport that our plane had been delayed, causing us to miss our connections in Toronto. Long story short, the airline put us up in a hotel in Toronto for what part of the night that was left and we arrived at Debrief nearly a day late. A Debrief highpoint: our team won every quiz—all the work we did on the Bible verses and quizzing on the field paid off!

Summer in Florida, Part III

After our Debrief, Bob and I had night phones twice, or at least I did. On the first night phones night, Bob did a bus run down to Miami to pick up teams coming in for Debrief and made an early bus run to the Orlando airport to drop a couple of teams off who were going home after their Debrief. The next day he was off to Miami again to pick up another returning team.

The next week found us staying out at Teen Missions. We were the staff on property for the Bible school students. Fortunately there were no problems. I cooked for the students and also tried to get caught up with my regular work. Bob did some of the usual stuff he does at the end of the summer—unpack the equipment returned by teams and help clean the lodges.

California, Here We Come!

We spent two weeks in California, the end of August/beginning of September. (Bob spent a few days with his mother in Sun City on his way to California.) We were busy at my dad’s house in Walnut Creek, holding yard sales and doing some clean up in the house and the yard. There is still much to do before the house will be empty and ready to put up for sale or rent. We were able to make a brief trip to Modesto. Because it was such a quick trip, we didn’t get to spend much time there or see many people and missed going to Fresno completely. We hope to get back on a more regular schedule next year and see more of you all.

Fall in Florida

As we settle back in to life that isn’t lived out of a suitcase, we are trying to get caught up with things at home. Our cat, Tabitha, is glad that we aren’t going away again! The 2011 Summer Teams brochure was printed much earlier than usual and was handed out at Debriefs. That means that we have registrations for next year’s teams already and the cycle begins again. God has blessed us in our ministry with Teen Missions and He has blessed us with you. Thank you for your prayers and support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

955 Butia St.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]


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