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Mission Trip Dates: June 30 – August 19

[singlepic id=2669 w=320 h=240 float=right] Because some schools get out later in June, we will be having two new teams which will run June 30-Aug.19. They will arrive at Boot Camp July 3 (during the second week of Super Boot Camp) and have two weeks of training before going to the field. Commissioning will be July 16th. They will return for Debrief, August 17th and 18th, then travel back home the 19th.

Canadians, may ride the free round trip “Maple Leaf Express” from Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina or Winnipeg . The bus will depart from Calgary at 4 PM on June 30.

Picture hundreds of children and adults being taught Sunday School lessons while sitting on the ground, instead of at tables and chairs! This is how many of the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) classes are taught due to the remote areas where they are held. Take the construction skills you will learn at The Lord’s Boot Camp to Zambia and build tables and benches to be placed at these remote locations.

After Commissioning, you will bus to Orlando, for a flight to Dulles International Airport in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Rome, Italy for refueling, then over the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before continuing on a flight to Lusaka, Zambia. From the airport, your five-hour bus ride to the Teen Missions in Zambia Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center in Ndola begins.

While at the BMW housing will be in dorms; bathing and laundry are done using a bucket. After building the furniture you will take it to the remote locations and see the classes taught first-hand as you assist the MSSM Circuit Rider Missionaries in teaching Sunday schools, literacy classes and Bible quizzing. Bible stories, singing, learning memory verses, coloring pictures, quizzing and playing games are all creative ways to teach your lessons.

Housing will be in tents while at the MSSM locations.

Before departing Zambia, you will travel to Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World discovered by David Livingstone in 1855. It will be a trip you won’t want to miss! You will enjoy viewing this breathtaking waterfall known as the “Smoke that Thunders”. Wood carvings, batiks, jewelry and traditional drums are just a few of the souvenirs available for you to purchase.

Contributions Equal To: $ 4390 U.S. Plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. How soon does all the money need to be in by? Also, does anyone have any tips to share on getting your parents to allow you to do this?

    • Nicky, There are “goals” for getting your money in. However, the total amount is due the day you arrive for Boot Camp.

  2. Is there still room for a girl on this trip?

  3. Hey, I’m Christian Neal. I’m a junior in high-school, and I’ve been thinking.
    Since the beginning of this year I’ve kept looking at this mission trip and really feeling like this might be one I’m interested in. But I don’t want to just base my decisions on my feelings; I want to know where God wants me to go, and honestly, my relationship with God has been stressed out lately cuz of my junk pretty much. Could someone pray for me so that I would grow closer to God, and to really know where he is leading me to go?
    And about this trip, is it too late to sign up even if I wanted to? How does it all work out? I’ve never done a big mission trip like this, but I’d really like to learn more about, well, everything there is to know and what not.
    Thank you very much,

  4. how are we supposed to make$4390?

    • Tanner, We provide support letters and prayer cards that you send to friends and family. You can also solicit funds from your church, businesses, etc.

  5. I’m a bit confused, is this a motorcycle trip or are we following the motorcycle groop with the tables and stuff?

  6. I know your hearts will be forever changed for having gone to Zambia and I I know that you guys will enjoy Zambia.

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