Zambia Early Boot Camp

Ndola village

The Ndola Early Boot Camp in Zambia!

This year we have 34 leaders and 132 team members participating in 7 teams.

We praise God that 211 people (including the EV outreaches) gave their lives to the Lord throughout the entire time we were together.  We also praise God that 120 people Bridged the Gap and committed their lives to full time Christian service.  The young people were very responsive to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.  It has been a very good year. The leaders reported how close the teams grew together and that many of the youth didn’t want to go home.

Some of the team members shared their enthusiasm about getting more involved in ministry upon returning home. After one of the teams visited a hospice center, a team member said he wants to start a hospice ministry in his own town.  Some team members want to become more active in their churches and youth groups. Others are excited about evangelism and want to be a bold witness for their family and friends.  It is exciting to see God work in the lives of so many.


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