Uganda Teams 2011

Climbing the wall as a team

In Uganda we have 19 leaders and 226 team members on 8 teams this year.

The Aussie Team and the Ugandan Team are enjoying working and doing evangelism together. They have been laying the rock foundation and hope to have the slab poured for two rooms next week.

The Refuge of Hope Team and the Hillside Team have been busy digging the foundation for the building. They did door-to-door evangelism on the weekends and a total of 38 people gave their lives to Christ.

The Christ the King Team has had help from a volunteer and they have already reached the window level on their building because the foundation was already done. They went evangelizing on Sunday and reported a stubborn boy changed his character after receiving counsel.

The Nakabango Team has been working very hard at their project. It was discovered that the foundation which was done several years ago is off square by 4”. They had to dig up all the old foundation on three sides of the building and remove pillars on one side to make it right. The building will go up quickly when the new foundation is done.

The Forest Newland Team has done a great job of digging their foundation for the pavilion. The foundation and concrete will be mixed and poured at the beginning of next week. They are enjoying fellowship with the Nakabango Christian Centre on Sundays.



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    i would like to take a bible course with any teen missions training schools. Can you please give me Emil addresses of some of the training centers in Africa or in europe which i can contact to enroll.
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