Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Winter 2011)

Deegan family

Dearest Friends and Family,

Wow! What an amazing year this has been! The Lord has truly seen us through many things and He has been forever faithful. We trust that your Christmas and New Years was fun and eventful with many great memories. Christmas time is always our favorite time of the year, seeing our friends and our families always brings smiles to our faces.

We had a great year in 2010 and we know that 2011 is going to be even more eventful and blessed. We had a wonderful Christmas with our families in North Carolina and Georgia. Sharon’s sister and her family were able to make it from Wyoming, which made it the first Christmas all the Cregans have been together in almost 10 years. That in itself made it wonderful. This was also the first Christmas with Sean’s twin nieces. Both of our families truly are growing and are continuing to grow.

Fun in the snow!

After coming back from Christmas break, the Lord surprised us with a very special, yet unexpecting package. We found out we are expecting our third child in September. This came as a complete surprise to us as we weren’t planning on getting pregnant until 2012. We’re about a year ahead of our schedule but right on on His. We plan on trusting His schedule rather than our own. We asked Kieley what she would like the baby to be. She is really dead set on a girl, although for a while there she wanted both a girl and a boy “Twins”. We told her to pray about it and maybe God will give her twin siblings. She is very excited about the baby. She puts her ear to Mommy’s tummy and says “I can hear her.” Aiden is still a little young to understand this, but it is sad to think that he is not going to be the baby anymore.

Kieley's birthday

Kieley is four now and way too energetic. She is on the go from morning ‘till night. We are planning on home- schooling her and have started doing a few books before her schooling officially begins. She can write all her letters and is getting the concept of sounding the letters out to read the words. If we tell her how to spell the word, she will write it out by herself. She has favorite cartoon characters but they change pretty often. This month it is the Mystery Gang and Scooby- Doo. We’ll see who it will be next month. She has quite an amazing imagination and is always playing a different character from her cartoons. Aiden is now 1 1⁄2 and is running everywhere, the lovely age where they get into everything has come with a force. He is still quite a chunk which Sharon wishes will stay for a while. Almost all of his teeth are in the only ones missing are his canine and they are already starting to cut. He has the most amazingly cute belly laugh and everyone just loves his pinchable cheeks. He hasn’t been saying very many words other than uh-oh and poo-poo (of course), but we do know that he understands what we are saying and obeys most of the time. We truly are blessed with our wonderful and beautiful children and can’t wait to see what this next child is going to be like.


With this new bundle of joy, we understand the challenge it would be for Sharon if she were to lead the team to Trinidad, as well as the safety reasons. We decided it would be best for Sharon to stay home with kids this summer and help around the property while Sean goes to Trinidad with the team. This started off to be a bit upsetting for Sharon for a while but knowing that there is a greater purpose, she has learned to let it go and let God plan it all for us. Everything is working out perfectly we already have a replacement lady leader to take Sharon’s place and there are four leaders total for the team, so far. It is amazing how God puts everything in order for us and all we have to do is trust and obey.


Another way we learn to trust Him is through our monthly financial support. We have been blessed this year with an amazing gift from one of our supporters and we are eternally thankful. We have found that there is another way of supporting us, all by shopping online. There is a website that makes it easy for you to help support us in your everyday shopping without spending any extra money. The website is called “”. If you go to this website and click on the name of the missionary you wish to support, the website will take you to different stores where you can shop online. If you were to purchase anything, that store would give 2-5% of the cost of the item to that missionary. There are a variety of stores you can shop from and you can support your missionary without spending anything extra. If you are not already supporting us and have been wanting to, please give this a try, it is very easy and just like doing any everyday online shopping. We are very thankful to those who have been supporting us and we are in constant prayer for His blessings upon you and your families. Thank you for all of your love through prayer and giving. We also thank you for your continuing prayer over us as we start this year off with our growing family. Please pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Sharon and the baby and for peace in knowing that He is in control of everything. Thank you all for everything and may the Lord smile upon you always. God bless!

The Deegans


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