Chicas, Francisco and Kathy (Winter 2011)

Chicas Family

Dear family and friends,

Thank you for your prayers! We can honestly say that we know you have been praying for us because we have been able to see God do a lot of amazing things! He answered many of your prayers and did other things that we may not understand now, but trust that all things are part of His sovereign plan.

One of those things was a rare infection that appeared on Kathy’s legs back in September. Many of you heard about it already when we didn’t yet know what was going on. They looked like boils and were very painful. There were even a few days when Kathy couldn’t walk at all. A doctor was finally able to diagnose it as a staph infection and a strong antibiotic was able to stop it. A few scars remain to help Kathy always remember the mercy God showed in allowing her to be healed when others have died from the same infection.

2010-2011 Honduras Boot Camp

Over the last few years that we have been here in Honduras, we have been blessed by some of you who have come on mission trips to help us out in one way or another. Last Fall, we were blessed again when friends from Salem Evangelical Church came down. First, Andrew Groza came for two months and built a BMX track that we will be able to use to draw youth to come and then we will get the opportunity to share Christ with them! Later, his parents, Dean and Bonnie came down for a week and helped out on a variety of small projects. Thank you to the three of you, you were a blessing to our family, the students, and the ministry as a whole!

For many of you who have been following the progress of our new house, we want to let you know that we moved in! The big day was November 1, 2010. Even though Chico said it wasn’t completely ready, Kathy thought it was ready enough! And it has been a delight to live in. Every time we go in we are thankful for those who gave time and finances for it.

Daniel taught the origami and balloon classes so the teams can do crafts as an evangelism tool with children

As most of you remember, December and January are the months when we run Boot Camp here in Honduras. This past year was very different, and quite a bit more difficult, as we held Boot Camp in a totally new location – Choluteca in southern Honduras. We held leader’s seminar from Dec. 13-18, and Boot Camp from Dec. 27 – Jan.7. The difficulties were that the location was out in the middle of nowhere – no buildings (except one small shed), no electricity and no bathrooms. What there was, was an abundance of dust and bugs. But in spite of all this, we were able to hold Boot Camp! The answers to prayer are: God sent volunteers to help us, the bugs didn’t bite as much as we thought they would, and God spoke to the hearts of many young people! We had fifty-two team members, which we divided into five teams with three leaders on each team. By the time you add the staff and volunteers, we had a total of 85 people at Boot Camp this year. (For the kitchen staff, that made it a little easier than if we’d had 125 people since we did most of the cooking over open fires!)

On January 5, 2011, we held the BMW graduation and commissioning service. The graduates were: Benjamin and Ana, who did their internship here at Teen Missions in Honduras, Jorge, who did his internship church planting in the area of Choluteca, Honduras, and Melva, who did her internship with Didasko orphanage in Tamara, Honduras. The commissioned students were: Roman, who plans to do his internship with his church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and Dunia, who plans to do her internship here at Teen Missions in Honduras.

Graduating and Commissioning students

Since the teams are out on their projects as we are writing this, we cannot give any final details yet. But we do ask that you pray with us that there will be many decisions made for Christ as the teams give evangelistic presentations. Pray that the lives of the team members themselves will be changed for eternity as they have the chance to see firsthand the emptiness of those who are without Christ and the huge need for Christians to make a difference in the world. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few…Matthew 9:37,38. And those few are being sought out by Satan to be devoured…1 Peter 5:8

Pray with us also that God will bring new students to the Teen Missions Bible School from this year’s Boot Camp. We know that God calls many young people to serve Him while they are on a mission project, but many are hindered for one reason or another. Our prayer is to have students who are truly desiring to share Christ with the lost people in the world and will not give up no matter what the cost!

To let you know in advance, we have been asked to lead the Honduras Horseback team again this year. We probably won’t be coming to Oregon, as much as we’d love to, since that would be an added expense. Daniel and Samuel would like to be team members on a pre-teen team that will be ministering at an Indian Reservation in Arizona this summer. If you would like to help cover their expenses, please fill out the note on this letter and specify it is for that purpose.

Do YOU want to come and help make tortillas?

That is all for this newsletter. Once again, we’d like to let you know that you can look us up on Facebook under Francisco Chicas, if you’d like to see more pictures of our family and the ministry here in Honduras. Thank you again for all your prayers. Thank you also to those of you who have given financially or have sent gifts to our family. We appreciate every act of kindness and pray that God continues to bless you as you have faithfully been a blessing to others!

Love in Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, and Abigail Chicas


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