Babcock, Jillian (Winter 2011)

Jillian in Zambia

Dear Family & Friends,

What a year it has been! So many changes have taken place not only in the ministry, but also in my life. The ministry of Motorcycle Sunday School Missions has grown tremendously this past year and has impacted so many lives for Christ. We went from twelve Sunday Schools in Zambia to 33, ministering to around 5,000 people each month. According to our statistics, last year we saw 600 to 1,200 people come to know the Lord as their personal Savior each month. God is truly blessing and using this ministry! It’s the goal of Teen Missions to have 111 Sunday School’s by 11-11-11 in various countries around the world.

Motorcycle Sunday School Missions

What a blessing it was to be around family and friends during this past Christmas season! I was completely overwhelmed by the love, care and support that was poured out by many every day. My bridal shower was put on by family and friends, all a big surprise to me. Thank you so much for those who contributed everything was amazing and the gifts were a blessing.

As many of you know, my fiancé and I are traveling to Ohio and will be getting married on March 26th. Eric will be flying for the first time, seeing America for the first time and meeting my family for the first time. Pray for Eric, as going from a 3rd world country to the United States is a quite shocking. The amount of material items we have here and the varieties of food can be a bit overwhelming.

Greetings from Zambia!

In April, Eric and I will be traveling around speaking at different churches, raising support for our ministry. Currently we have raised about half of our monthly support and we trust the Lord that He will supply the rest.

On May 1st Eric and I will travel to TMI in Florida to prepare for Boot Camp. All the teens will arrive in June for training and then Eric and I will lead a Motorcycle Sunday School Team back to Zambia. The project will be to travel around on the Sunday School circuits, teaching Sunday School, Bible quizzing, phonics and teachers’ training. The teens’ eyes and hearts will be opened as they witness first-hand the lifestyle and culture of Zambia, Africa.

Once the team is completed, the teens will return to the states and Eric and I will remain at the base working with Teen Missions in Motorcycle Sunday School Missions. We will live in a small house at the mission base in Ndola, working hand-in-hand with the other staff members. Eric and I will be starting a home, raising finances for appliances, a bed and other household items. I will continue working in the office, coordinating all the materials and sending reports back to the Florida base. Eric will also be stationed at the base, repairing the motorcycles and doing various other duties assigned.

We truly appreciate all your prayers and support. Thank you for joining with us in this mighty work! Together as the Body of Christ, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread for His kingdom.

Eric and Jillian

Love in Christ,

Jillian Babcock


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