Kostner, Paul and Beth (Winter 2011)

Kostner Family

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had a wonderful 2010 with our summer ministry in China being one of the highlights. We are looking forward to 2011 and what the Lord has in store for us. What will be our ministry opportunities? Who will the Lord bring into our lives that we can minister to personally? Will we seek to know Him more deeply? How will we make a difference in our world because of Jesus Christ? Oh, so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to!

We spent the Christmas holidays at home. For some reason, we enjoy the weather in Florida this time of the year. We really enjoyed spending some quality family time together. God has blessed us with four amazing children who are growing up way too quickly.

Colton, Danae, BJ, and Lindsay

The registrations for the 2011 summer teams are coming in and the phone calls and emails are starting to increase. We now have over 500 team members and leaders registered for this summer. Paul has been busy finalizing the travel plans for the summer teams and corresponding monthly with the missionaries. I have been entering all the registrations and starting to plan my “attack” on visas and water filters.

We have been asked to stay and serve on “home” staff this summer. This is what we usually do every other year. We are excited about being involved in this aspect of the ministry again this summer. Since Lindsay has to be at college early to begin soccer training, I will be able to take her. What? Lindsay is old enough for college????? NOOOOO!!!!

Colton will be going on the Haiti Earthquake Relief Team. His team will be building benches for a church, helping clear rubble from the pastor’s home and working on the building of Love & Faith Orphanage. He was able to do a lot of carpentry in China last summer, so he is looking forward to doing it again. He is also looking forward to spending time with the orphans. There is a tent city right across the street, so there will be plenty of ministry opportunities. Colton is doing “ok” in school. We are trying to convince him that it is much easier to keep up his grades if he does it all along rather than scrambling the week before report cards. He is continuing to grow way too fast. He is already taller than me and should be bypassing his dad before long.

Christmas 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Danae is going on the Bethlehem Team. Can you believe she is old enough to go on a “teen” team? Yes, she will turn 13 in April. Her team will be working at Bethlehem Bible College paving a parking lot, landscaping and painting at the college. She is doing well in school and brought home all A’s on her last report card. She will be participating in a “Leadership Academy” at school beginning this month. We are not sure what that will entail.

BJ will be going on a Preteen team to Sicily this summer. His team will be landscaping and building a sidewalk at a Christian camp. He is now between soccer seasons, but still has practices twice a week and participates in occasional tournaments. He is doing well in school and is very good about coming home from school and getting his homework done right away. He is also starting to shoot up, but is still skinny, so it is a challenge to find pants long enough, but small enough. It looks like he is definitely going to need braces. Please pray with us that the Lord will supply the needed funds for this.

Lindsay is enjoying her senior year. She made all A’s, except in Pre-calculus which she was able to drop at the semester. She was excited about that! Her high school soccer season is winding down. They began districts this week and hopefully, will be making another run for State in February. Since her club soccer team folded, she will be running track in the spring. She is really looking forward to college and has a bad case of “senioritis”. We are excited for her, but we are not really looking forward to a “new normal” next year with her gone. However, we are excited to be having her home with us this summer.

Since so many of you are a part of our ministry and therefore a part of the world-wide ministry of Teen Missions, we wanted to give you a short report of what God is doing in Zambia. Hendrix and Boax are BMW interns at Lufwanyama. They are working with 150-200 orphans at this time. They are constantly challenged as they give out the Word of God. They realize that they also need to minister to the orphans’ physical needs (“hungry stomachs”) and to their need for an education.

Florida Fun!

They are helping as many as possible right now. They hope to get the preschool going soon as the mothers are asking (begging) for this to be available.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be your representatives here at Teen Missions. We appreciate the sacrifices you make so that we can serve. We love what we are doing and know that we couldn’t do it if it were not for you. THANK YOU!!!!

In Christ, Paul, Beth, Lindsay, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner


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