Yost, Bob and Paula (Winter 2011)

Bob and Paula

Dear Family and Friends,

As we begin the new year, we find we have much for which to be thankful. We are thankful for the opportunity we have to serve God through Teen Missions and our local church. We are thankful for good health. We are thankful for you. Your prayers and support are a great blessing to us. It was good to hear from many of you this past Christmas season.

We are thankful for God’s faithfulness to us. One of my favorite hymns is “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” As with most hymns, there is a wonderful message for us. So often we sing the words, but do not take the time to think about them. The first verse tells us more than once that God is faithful—“Thou changest not…as Thou hast been, Thou forever wilt be.” Aren’t you glad that God is not fickle, changing his mind constantly? Verse two lets us know that all of creation recognizes God’s faithfulness. Do you ever wonder why it is so hard for us to do the same?  The third verse reminds us of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross so that we can have fellowship with God. How can we think that God is not faithful to us in light of the great lengths He went to in order to save us from our sins?

Bob with his brother John, sister Louise and mother at Christmas


I was blessed with an airplane ticket to California so I could go home for Thanksgiving. It was good to see family—45 people made it to our celebration at my uncle’s. It was good to see everyone and catch up. My brother Jim, from the DC area, was also there. We sorted through more of the things in my Dad’s house. Several of our cousins stopped by to get some mementos of our mother and father, as well as from previous generations.

While I was in California, Bob helped with a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and near-homeless on the beach. He helped get the food and supplies out to Cocoa Beach, and helped with the serving and clean-up as well. When that was done, he joined some of the Teen Missions staff families for a second dinner.

December was a month of song for Bob with several concerts to sing in. My favorite was when he did “Comfort Ye” and “Every Valley” from the Messiah. He also sang, “O Holy Night” at the Christmas Eve service, another of my favorites.

Christmas Day was a travel day for Bob—to Phoenix to spend a couple of days with his mother and brother and sister. It was his turn to head west to visit family. I stayed home and cooked Christmas dinner for a few friends.

Home Improvement- It takes longer to get the floor ready than it takes to put it down!

Christmas break was also home improvement time. We took the carpet out of our bedroom and replaced it with some laminate flooring and repainted the room. We are slowly getting the room finished. Hopefully by the time you receive this letter, we will have moved all the furniture and our clothes back into the room!

Summer Team

We’ve been asked to lead the Old West Indian Reservation Preteen Team this summer. After busing across the southern part of the States, we will head north in Arizona to Pinon, a small town in the Navajo Indian Reservation. There we will build a porch on the front of a church. They are excited to have us come to help. We are looking forward to being a blessing to that church and seeing more of that part of Arizona. More details in our next letter.

God has been faithful to us this last year (and every year, for that matter!). We thank God for your faithfulness to Bob and me as you have supported us over the many years of our ministry with Teen Missions. And we thank you, too!

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

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