Maher, Tom and Linda (Winter 2010)

Tom & Linda

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

Hebrews ll: 6


For some time now it has been our practice as a couple to choose a verse or word of the year to help us focus and grow. Our 2010 word of the year was, “door” and we saw the Lord open doors for us the entire year, many of them giving us opportunity to see the grace of God in action. A few of the doors were challenging and stretching; the door of diabetes for Zach, the door of malaria for us and doors of disappointments and discouragement. We are grateful for the doors of blessing; the success of the Cameroon Boot Camp and the 2,000+ people who accepted Christ as Savior, graduation from high school of our youngest son Daniel, the birth of Daniel Anesek (national staff child) and the wonderful way the Lord provided for us financially all year.

Allie & Linda

We also walked through the door of memorization together and memorized II Timothy. Tom memorized the first chapter and Linda the entire book and it was such a blessing in our hearts and lives. In 2011, we have chosen “faith” as our word of the year. We have a chosen a familiar verse Hebrews 11:6 as our key passage. The challenge we are claiming for our lives and ministry from the passage is to do all we can to PLEASE GOD this year. To chose to trust God and take Him at His Word. We plan to memorize the book of Colossians this year. In our relationships and ministry we want to see our faith muscles stretched, break the bonds of unbelief and look to God expectantly.


Tom is leading an adult team to Cameroon leaving the country on February 1st. The team will be traveling to the Rescue Units to do various ministries among the orphans including; washing feet and giving out new shoes, teaching phonics, holding first aid clinics and hugging and playing with as many children as possible. Tom will remain in Cameroon for two weeks after the team returns to meet with our national staff and board, check finances, and lay out goals and plans for the next six months for the base. He flies back March 1 and after a few days rest will return to his office and place on the “Geek Squad.” Pray for Tom’s success, health and the difficulty of being separated.

TMI Cameroon Staff & Board

Linda’s work schedule has taken a different turn this fall. At the request of the Director she is taking a year off of teaching and kitchen responsibilities to focus entirely on the growth of our newest partner ministry Motorcycle Sunday School Mission. The goal is to raise 111 Sunday Schools by 11/11/11. This practical (it cost just $79 a month to sponsor a Sunday school) and personal (in that you can name a Sunday school in honor or memory of someone who has impacted your life) ministry is changing lives. We really do take it for granted that we have solid foundational biblical teaching and access to the Word of God. Others do not have this available and through this ministry many now are hearing the Gospel and having the opportunity to be discipled in the Word of God. Pray we reach our goal and let Linda know if you would like to sponsor a Sunday school. Linda will be flying to Pennsylvania on January 26 and staying for at least two weeks. Her mother, Eleanor, has bone cancer and Linda is going up to be with her parents during the difficult surgery and some of the recovery. We covet your prayers for the family during this time.


The Maher Men aka "Geeks" Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful holiday season with our children. We rested, laughed, played and did a few of those odd jobs around the house that never seem to get done. It was so refreshing to have two weeks of time set aside to renew our bodies and minds. Our children are doing very well. Tom and Deena continue to work with an area church and are happy in married life. Kalah is in her final semester of college and will begin student teaching this spring and all next fall. The goal is to graduate December 2011. She has a 4.0 with Presidential Honors and has accepted the invitation to join the honor society. Zach is still washing windows and is managing the diabetes. He is wanting to go to college next year to pursue an AA degree. Daniel officially graduated in November and then secured a job with Macy’s working in the Young Men’s Department. He really enjoys the work and is saving money in order to apply to the police academy in the fall. Thank you for your prayers for our children.


The Lesson- We will be taking it on the road in Oct. 2011

Thank you to all of you who partner with us to change lives around the world with the Gospel. We appreciate your faithful giving, prayers and notes of encouragement. The Lord Bless You.

Because He Lives,

Tom and Linda

Praises: 1. Faithfulness of God in 2010   2. Daniel’s Graduation and job placement 3. Our wonderful supporters

Prayer Requests:

1. Tom’s time in Cameroon   2. Success of Linda’s mother’s surgery   3. Obedience in Faith to the Lord in 2011   4. Raising of 111 Sunday Schools by 11/11/11   5. Faithful and Consistent prayer and financial partners.


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