Tuttle, Brian & Amber (Winter 2011)

Tuttle Christmas pic 2010

Tuttle Family

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that we have been at Teen Missions for over a year! And in a matter of months, we will be heading out on our second team! God is good!

We were blessed to have Amber’s mom and dad come and spend Thanksgiving with us here in Florida. It didn’t feel quite the same wearing shorts while carving turkey, but the gift of friends and family was still as sweet, although family in Kentucky were sorely missed!

Christmas morning opening presents

In a matter of a few weeks later, we were on our way to spend Christmas with Brian’s mom in Oregon. We experienced some difficult travel and several canceled flights, but we finally made it! Oregon is a beautiful testimony to our Creator! The mountains were magnificent! It was wonderful spending time with Brian’s mom. She had not seen all the kids in some time and enjoyed spoiling them for Christmas.

A rare shot of Mt. Shasta on the way to Oregon

Proof that Grandpa went kayaking with Brian and the alligators!

It took a while, once we were home, to adjust to the time change and get back into a routine. We are on track now and are all excited about where we are headed this summer. We have been assigned to lead the Chile Earthquake Relief team! We will be working alongside the Salvation Army to repair damage to the city of Concepcion, which was displaced 10 feet by the earthquake. Emily will be joining us and Seth is excited to be headed to Israel! Wes is a working man now and will be spending the summer saving every penny in hopes of buying a car.

Things are busy here at Teen Missions! This is the first year we have had the new summer’s brochure available at the end of the summer, so kids could sign up right away. Because of this, teams are starting to fill up and it is exciting to see! We have adults and kids from our Life Group back home signed up for teams. It is such a blessing to see friends and supporters getting involved with our ministry first- hand!

The city where we will be working in Chile

We want to say thank you again for your continued prayers and support! We never cease to be amazed that on paper the finances don’t add up, but every month our needs are met. Thank you for responding to the Lord’s leading and thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We pray God’s blessing and direction for each and every one of you!

In Christ, Brian, Amber, Wes, Seth and Emily Tuttle

“Of this Gospel I was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace, which was given me by the working of His power.”    Ephesians 3:7


The family outside at Grandma Tuttles

• For the continued support of our amazing Life Group!! You are wonderful and we love you!

• For God’s perfect timing and provision!    • For the blessing of health, when so many have been sick this winter.

Prayer Requests:

• Pray for Judy, the missionary we worked with in Peru. She is in need of surgery and is frightened and concerned about the needed finances.

• For the 12 kids already signed up for the Chile team, that they will be able to raise the money they need to go and God’s Hand in it will be evident to them.

• For an ever growing hunger for God’s Word and a heavier burden for the lost.



  1. Hey Mallory! I just saw you the other day on the wall at Teen Missions for the South Africa team. I am going to Chile with my parents this summer. I’ll look for you at Boot Camp! I can’t believe your going on a team!

  2. Hi Emily! This is Mallory, Maddie’s friend. I am going on the South Africa trip, are you going to go with your parents to Chile or are you going on a preteen trip?

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